Bigger Is Not Always Better

by InnerSphereNews in [ Inner Sphere News ] on, Apr 5, 2012 1:00 PM UTC 105  comments

(05 April 3049)

 What is the fascination with the big boys? It’s like 80 tons might as well be an astrological symbol tattooed on MechWarrior foreheads, ‘cause it’s all they can dream about.

And the Dragoons’ Zeta Battalion doesn’t help matters, gents. What, they peek over a shoulder when they copied down the Lyran playbook…or they just steal it whole hog? Sets a bad example. ‘Cause only those crazy, elite pilots can pull off what they do with three thousand-plus tons of war-forged metal they fling around like they’re scout pilots.

For the rest of us…sure, assault ’Mechs have their place, but it’s a place. A part of a whole. You don’t stomp around carrying a giant hammer everywhere ya go. You bring it out when the job’s right. And most jobs aren’t gonna need it. Give me a medium-weight, fast ’Mech and I’ll show you a jack-of-all trades I can make fit whatever hole you need.

And don’t get me started on upkeep costs, gents. They’re brutal for assault ’Mechs. MechWarriors may pine on and on for an Atlas, like a lover swooning over a pin-up girl. But I’ve faced it across a dozen battlefields and its bite falls well below its bark. What’s more, those big boys get in trouble if you don’t have the fast scouts to tell you when your slow-poker is getting flanked.

Then again, don’t go believin’ you can just get away with lights, either…don’t mean to pitch any such thing. It’s a fine medley you’re looking to create…the right mix of speed, weights and firepower for a given battlefield. If you think you can just walk your tried-and-true lance comp into any situation, well…let me know when you’re off-world so I can clean out your kits back home.

Keep it locked and loaded, gents.

—Jacob Hardenson, MercNet