Weekly Review - Dec. 21st

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Weekly Review – Dec. 21st

Wow, the year is almost over. Here comes 3050- I mean, 2013!

So we had one of our biggest patches ever, and it added a ton of stuff. (Then we hotfixed it, thanks for your patience!) Two new Dragon Hero Mechs, Fang and Flame, which I’ve seen quite a few of in my games. I really love the paint scheme – particularly that awesome dragon mouth! Also, the new Stalker assault Mech, which is one of the most terrifying things to meet head-on in the game. I’ve seen a lot of people using this in game, and though I know that will flatten out over time, it’s nice to see everyone treating the new guy so well. Then we added the River City Night map variant, and it sure is a new experience – I have walked off so many ledges in the heat of combat – and I highly recommend you swap frequently between Thermal Vision (H) and Night Vision (V)! We also have a brand new economy, with new rewards for playing and how well you do in matches; as well as a new Cadet system, where you get extra money for your first 25 games – to a total of 7.9 million extra C-Bills! And if you’ve already done 25 matches? Happy holidays – here’s 7.9 million free!

We also had some announcement.. what was it.. oh yeah, we announced the Orion! A classic, classic Heavy Mech – arguable the best Inner Sphere Mech for a hundred years, the Orion will be a real awesome addition to our Mech lineup. (And yes, I want that hero variant too.) You guys really seem to like it, and that makes us really happy to see. I could see Alex grinning away as he read the comment thread, so thank you!

I added a screenshot of the Fang (or was it Flame? You’ll have to see for yourself ;)) due to the sheer amount of “oh man, the skin on the Mech is awesome!” PM’s and emails I got. So you wanted it highlighted and there it was!

Also, today at 2pm PST (yes, PST, the BEST ST) – I will again be joining the No Guts No Galaxy guys in a twitch.tv streaming of our matches. Go easy on them, they’re desperately trying to keep me alive!

Thanks for tuning in everyone, and have an amazing holiday! We’ll see you in January – and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior Online Team


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