Intro To Clan Tech

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Hi folks, just wanted to update you all on the topic of Clans and their technology/role in MWO. As we’ve stated numerous times, we do not want to bring Clan Tech into the game without seriously examining the potential for breaking the game in terms of overall balance.

Clan Technology was initially implemented in BattleTech Table Top rules as a base around a new breed of warriors that adhered to a certain set of combat “rules”. The term “zellbrigen” refers to a style of combat which restricted the type of activities a MechWarrior would do during a fight. MechWarrior Online does not include this rule set for two main reasons. First off, it is a rule set that not everyone will want to adhere to, and secondly it would not be very fun to anyone not familiar with the rules in the first place (a much broader audience). Even through lore, zellbrigen was essentially phased out due to non-adherence by the Inner Sphere MechWarriors on the field of combat.


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