“Huginn” Raven Hero Mech Now Available!

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 1, 2014 10:42 PM UTC 142  comments

We watched as the lone wise Raven flew across the battlefield, feeding all kinds of information about the enemy back to our commander. We all feared for its safety as we sat safely amongst our lance, hidden away from the enemy eyes. The Raven weaved and moved with haste and finesse unseen by any in our lance before. The quality of pilot needed to move a machine like that, we all understood that this pilot was one of the elite of the Free Rasalhague Republic instantly. What really stood out most though was that the skill needed to pilot the mech alone would have overcome most of us but this pilot was able to maneuver while still transmitting relevant and precious information to allow the rest of us to get into position was simply amazing.

Finally the time came. In position our commander recalled the Raven. The trap was finally sprung. The enemy chased the harassing light who was pecking away their armor from the shadows seconds before. The two mediums, a centurion and trebuchet, could not match the speed of the raven though. The shared battle grid showed that the raven was moving swiftly towards us at the swift speed of 129.6 kph but in enough of an angle that every now and then it could its torso the full 120 degrees it would allow and send back at the pursuers its own wrath. Six SRMs flew from its right torso towards the enemy, triggering the trebuchets anti missile system. The elaborate ruse worked. Two of the SRMs connected, quickly followed by the two streak SRMs that were launched from the left torso mere seconds after the initial SRM volley and able to sneak through the distracted AMS.

The raven quickly pitched its weight and began its serpentine movement. The Centurion’s AC10 shot stayed clear of the shifting Raven. Another volley from the retreating Raven landed on the trebuchet in the same location, stripping away more of the precious armor that covers the right torso. With under 600 meters of distance between us and the Raven, the rest of us finally make ready. With our radars off and only accepting data from the Raven itself we were in the dark, only mere seconds now.

“Make ready!” a voice called over the radio and then we finally saw it. Above us was the Raven, flying through the sky on its two ignited jump jets. Our lance was ready for the two enemy `Mechs and quickly powered up to maximum capabilities. We stepped out of the brush into the clearing all at the same time and opened fire on the two enemy `Mechs. The swift raven quickly turned upon landing from its high arc over us and moved past us. Firing the two machine guns in each of its arms it quickly disabled the already damaged right torso of the Trebuchet. The battle did not last very long, but that Raven stayed swerving between the enemy `Mechs, quickly moving in and out of combat, and taking advantage of critical points with its full arsenal.

“Pilot, that was some top notch piloting - what's your name?” our commanders voice broke the silence that came after combat. The enemy trebuchet lays on its back, smoke pouring from the many open wounds and missing limbs. The centurion powered down and pilot captured.

“Sergeant Odin Sigurd, and this...” over the radio we could all hear the pilot of the Raven giving his command console a good few pats “is Huginn.”

Text submitted by Cattra Kell. See the full loadout patch notes at: