Adder Screenshots Revealed!

by Kyle Polulak in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 23, 2014 6:35 PM UTC 353  comments
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The Adder (Puma) 

Built to emulate Inner Sphere design methodology, the Adder packs a punch with its twin-ER PPCs and single Flamer. In its default configuration, it’s a decently fast ‘Mech equipped with some heavy, long-range, direct-fire firepower. To help handle the massive heat generated by its ER PPCs, the Adder also comes equipped with 11 double-heat sinks, though a moderate use of chain-fire is recommended to prevent excessive overheating.

  • Heavy armor and moderate speed for its size.
  • Very offensive since it sports 2x ER PPCs.
  • Was designed to emulate the Inner Sphere design methodology, widespread throughout the Clans.
Weapons and Equipment:
The Adder frees up as much weight as possible with a weight-saving Endo-Steel chassis and six tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. It also has a fixed mount Flamer which cannot be removed from the ‘Mech, but the Primary configuration adds a powerful arsenal of two ER PPCs and an extra double heat sink to cook off the extra heat. 

Primary Configuration:
  • 1x Flamer
  • 2x ER PPC 
  • LA: 1E
  • CT: 1E
  • RA: 1E 
Manufacturing Information: 
  • Mass: 35 tons 
  • Chassis: Hooded Endo-Lite 
  • Power Plant: Great Father 210 Extra-Light 
  • Cruising Speed: 64 kph 
  • Maximum Speed: 97.2 kph 
  • Jump Jets: None 
  • Armor: Star Lite Ferro-Fibrous 
  • Manufacturer: Sheridan LM-TA-10, W-7 Facilities 
  • Primary Factory: Sheridan, Tranquil 
  • Communication System: Trueborn Ultra 945B 
  • Targeting and Tracking System: Adder Special V8.6