Community Warfare Weekend Challenge

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Nov 12, 2015 10:57 PM UTC 228  comments

STARTS: November 12th at 3:00 PM PST (11:00 PM UTC)
ENDS: November 17th at 10:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC)

Greetings MechWarriors,

From now until Tuesday we're running a Community Warfare Personal Challenge Event!

Check out the Goal and Reward table below for all the Reward items and conditions. These Goals are cumulative, so achieving 25 Kills in Community Warfare before November 17th at 10:00 AM PST would reward you with the listed Cockpit Items. Likewise, racking up 10,000 DMG through the course of the event will reward you with 500 MC.
The cumulative aspect applies to all listed Goals, aside from the single Victory required for receiving 3 Days Active Premium Time.

Cumulative Goals


1 Victory

3 Days Active Premium Time

25 Kills

Classy 'Mech Standing Cockpit Item
Air Freshener Hanging Cockpit Item
Kickers War Horn

75 Kill Assists

x8 C-Bill Consumable Pack

10,000 DMG

500 MC

3,000 Match Score

'Mech Bay

2,500,000 C-Bills

1,000,000 C-Bills

20,000 XP

5,000 GXP

5,000 Loyalty Points

Plasma Ball Standing Cockpit Item

• Rewards will be injected as the goals are achieved, but injections may be delayed by up to 30 minutes.
• Support services will not trade or switch out any prizes.
• Accounts that engage in non-participation or other violations of the CoC, such (but not limited to) AFK/non-participation farming or 'gaming' of the Community Warfare matchmaking system or event conditions will be subject to disqualification and moderation actions.
• Premium Time received during this event activates immediately when you receive the prize in-game.
• No opt-in required.
• This Personal Challenge is for Community Warfare only.
• Standard Queue does not apply for this Personal Challenge.


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