MechWarrior Online Now Available on Steam!

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MechWarrior Online Now Available on Steam!

Watch our Steam Launch Trailer!

Check out the MechWarrior Online™ - ‘Mech Performance Steam Packs

Light  ‘Mech Performance Steam Packs

Medium  ‘Mech Performance Steam Packs

Heavy  ‘Mech Performance Steam Packs

Assault  ‘Mech Performance Steam Packs


Steam client FAQ:

Q: Will my existing MWO profile carry over?
Yes. After downloading MWO through Steam and logging in with your regular MWO credentials, if Steam detects existing profile data for that MWO account on your computer from an existing MWO install, it will use that profile data.
The same profile data is used by Steam and the standalone MWO client.

Q: Will downloading MWO on Steam overwrite or alter my regular MWO client?
No. Downloading MWO through Steam will download and create a new instance of the MWO client in your Steam install folder. This is the client that Steam will reference when launching MWO through Steam. After downloading MWO through Steam you can go ahead and remove your previous standalone MWO client.
However, logging in to MWO through Steam and making changes to your MWO settings or weapon groups will commit those changes to your shared MWO profile data.

Q: Will I still need or be able to use the MWO Repair Tool?
Steam has its own integrity checker, so you won't need to use our Repair Tool if you're running MWO through Steam. If you run into an issue after applying a patch through Steam, you can verify the integrity of your game cache with the following steps:
• Open Steam
• Access the Library
• Right click on MechWarrior Online
• Select Properties
• Click the Local Files tab
• Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Q: Is MechWarrior Online available for pre-load on Steam?

Q: Will we have to run MWO through Steam starting December 10th?
No. You can continue to run MWO as normal.

Q: I notice the MWO Steam Page has a 'Steam Achievements' tag. Am I going to have to re-earn all of my Achievements?
No, your Steam Achievement progress is derived from your existing profile! The first time you log-in to MWO through Steam you'll receive notifications for each of the Achievements you've already unlocked.

Q: Does that mean I get the Achievement rewards again?
Alas, no.

Q: Can I use my Steam Wallet to purchase content?
Funds from your Steam Wallet can only be used to purchase the following items:
• MC packs through the in-game 'Purchase MC' button (brings up the Steam overlay)
• Steam Performance Pack DLC Bundles (through the MWO store page)

Steam Performance Packs will be priced using a Steam-recommended regional pricing structure.
MC purchased using Steam Wallet funds will use standard USD exchange rates.

Q: Will you have Steam Trading Cards?
Not at launch.

Q: If I uninstall my standalone client will I lose my \Saved Games\MechWarrior Online profile data?

Q: Can I just migrate my standalone client into my Steam appdata folder, so I don't have to download the game through Steam again?
Possibly. We have not tested this, and we usually recommend clean installs to ensure everything is in order. However, some players report that they have done this with other games without much issue. If you run into issues after migrating your client, support services will request that you perform a clean install through Steam.

Q: My Steam client and games are on one drive, and my standalone MWO client is on another. Will I have to put my Steam MWO client on my Steam drive?
No, you can tell Steam where you want to install your games when downloading them through Steam.

Q: Will you ever have regional pricing in place for other items, aside from the Steam Performance Packs?
No information at this time.

Q: Will I still need to patch MWO using the standard MWO patcher? Will I still need to hit Play in the standard MWO launcher?
If you're running MWO through Steam all patches will be conducted within the Steam client.
Running MWO through Steam also completely bypasses the standard launcher. Hitting Play in Steam will send you right into the game.

Q: If I switch from one computer to another, will my profile data carry over (video settings, weapon groups, etc)?
No, profile data is saved locally per-machine.


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