MWOWC 2016 Update 06/01/2016

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 1, 2016 11:30 PM UTC 13  comments


A Tournament FAQ is now available here, covering some of the most important and common questions regarding the MWOWC. This FAQ will be updated as necessary throughout the Tournament. Let us know if you have any questions of your own!


If you are a confirmed Tournament Participant and have not yet downloaded and installed the Tournament Client, please do so! Your login credentials for the Tournament Client will be the same as your standard MWO client credentials.
To help ensure that all Tournament Participants download and install the Tournament Client, we are providing the download link for the installer below.
However, note that login access to the Tournament Client is solely restricted to confirmed Tournament Participants only!

Please follow up with all of your Team Members to ensure that they have installed and can successfully run the Tournament Client.

If you encounter issues installing the client, please contact

PLEASE NOTE: Login access to the Tournament Client is solely restricted to confirmed Tournament Participants only! If you are not a Tournament Participant, downloading the Tournament Client will serve no purpose!


We'd like to remind all Tournament Participants that matches can be played outside of their Officially Scheduled date and time! 

A dedicated sub-forum has been created to help Teams facilitate the coordination and scheduling of MWOWC2016 Matches outside of the Official Regional Qualifier Match Schedule.
If Teams wish to run their assigned matches outside of the official schedule they are free to do so, but both Teams must coordinate and agree to any such off-schedule matches.
Please read through the recent MWOWC2016 Update post for full details regarding Off-Schedule Matches.


The 'Mechs that we released to eligible MechWarriors as part of the 2015 Loyalty Program were distinct variants with distinct Loadouts. A few Tournament Participants who received these 'Mechs as part of the 2015 Loyalty Program asked whether these would be valid for use during the the Tournament, so we have unlocked those Loyalty variants for all Tournament Participants to acquire through the in-game Tournament Client store only at a placeholder price.

We'll also use this opportunity to announce that standard, non-Loyalty versions of these 'Mechs will be made available for purchase on the standard client this July. These standard versions will not possess the custom Pattern and 30% C-Bill Boost of their Loyalty counterparts, but they will retain their unique Loadouts. You can view the Loadouts for these 'Mechs here.


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