The MechWarrior Online World Championship Finals

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Dec 6, 2016 12:00 AM UTC 28  comments

Greetings MechWarriors,

The first-ever MechWarrior Online World Championships came to a thrilling conclusion on December 3rd at Mech_Con 2016! Throughout the day and into the night our Regional Finalists met on the battlefield in front of a packed house of attendees, with thousands more watching the action through the official Mech_Con Twitch stream.

All three teams put in incredible effort, with a number of incredible matches through the Finals. We would like to thank all three teams for putting on an amazing show. Their sheer ability on the battlefield, and amazing sportsmanship off the field, really made the World Championship Finals something special.
EmpyreaL brought a level of strategy and sheer combative strength that showed why they are the #1 team in MechWarrior Online competitive gameplay; truly the World Champions. 
EON Synergy and 228th The Wild Ones (finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively) also displayed top-class performance in the final matches at Mech_Con.

While the road to the Finals was undoubtedly a long and bumpy ride, with no shortage of scheduling and logistical headaches, we are confident that the top Regional Finalists were indeed the teams that most deserved to be there. Moving forward we are planning to work more closely with community-run Tournament organizers to create better tools and improved data sharing to ensure future competitions are easier to manage, and to make the seeding process for future official world-level Tournaments a much easier process for everyone.

We extend our wholehearted congratulations to EmpyreaL, the first-ever MechWarrior Online World Champions, and their fellow finalists EON Synergy and 228th The Wild Ones. We hope your experience in Vancouver was an enjoyable one.

To the thousands of fans who tuned into the live broadcast on, we cannot thank you enough for your participation. At peak, we were on the title page of Twitch itself; a first for MechWarrior Online.

Thank you again to all MWOWC competitors, the whole MWO community, and all followers of the MWO competitive scene. We are very much looking forward to future MechWarrior Online competitive tournaments, both official and unofficial, and we hope you are as well.


The whole team at Piranha Games


TOTAL PRIZE: $86,094

Home Region: The Americas

Full Roster: Celyth (Team Captain), Coburn, prtNspz, TwinkyOverlord, Araara, CarNaGe X, F i s s i o n, heimdelight, Imminent, Nova-, s o l i t u d e, slummy



TOTAL PRIZE: $43,047

Home Region: Europe & Africa

Full Roster: Da Red Goes DA FASTA (Team Captain), oldhasu, Dungeon Keeper, FunkyCat, Hardoc, Igor Kozyrev, L3golas, tt1a, xCico, Zeleglok, chiXu, Quintt



TOTAL PRIZE: $14,349

Home Region: Asia & Oceanic

Full Roster: Jay Z (Team Captain), Kageru Ikazuchi, Thpoon, Emdee, MickaStarkiller, BluntObject, Stonefalcon, Halimede, Hatepriest, SnowDragon, anids, Hairball359


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