Resistance Hero 'Mechs Pre-order

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Resistance Hero 'Mechs Pre-order

From: David Bradley

Hey everyone,

First, let me confirm that the lights on the UrbanMech hero will function! Though we are currently deciding on exactly how they will trigger.

Second, we’ve been looking at your feedback on this thread and have decided to make a few adjustments to these hero 'Mechs.


Daniel Waylen’s Enforcer has two canon loadouts that can be found in Starterbook Sword and Dragon. They’re pretty much the same loadout except that one only included old school tech and an early prototype Gauss Rifle, while the other had more advanced tech including ER Small and Medium Lasers. The original hero loadout was a combination of those two. Unfortunately, the layout of those weapons wasn’t particularly different than on the other Enforcer variants. In the adjusted loadout, we’re still trying to keep it as close to the canon version as possible, but have added in an ECM. Daniel is known to be a crack-shot sniper, so the ECM is meant to compliment his ghillie suit camouflage in giving him some stealthiness from a distance. We’ve also lowered its max engine cap slightly to balance out the inclusion of the ECM.

Black Knight:

This was another canon loadout from Starterbook Sword and Dragon, but this one needed more extensive changes as its default Hatchet and TSM aren’t available in MWO. We originally gave it two missile hardpoints in its Hatchet arm, but there seems to be demand for a ballistic hardpoint. So it’s been adjusted and now has one missile and one ballistic in the arm. We’ve also removed the Lower Arm and Hand Actuators from that arm to open up some space.

King Crab:

The Lower Arm and Hand Actuators have been removed from each arm. It was a mistake that they were there in the first place.

As an added bonus, here is an additional screenshot of the Mauler hero. While the default look is meant to resemble the black and white art from the TROs, the color channels are designed to match the BattleTech toy. So here's the hero with the toy colors assigned to it.

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