Conclusion of Skill Tree PTS - March 8 - 4 PM PDT

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Mar 8, 2017 11:00 PM UTC 397  comments
Greetings MechWarriors!

We are concluding our series of PTS sessions for the new Skill Tree and will be shutting down PTS 2.5 today, March 8 at 4 PM PDT. As this PTS is our last one for the Skill Tree before its release on March 21st, we would like to give a big thank you to all the MechWarriors who have contributed feedback on the Skill Tree PTS sub forums. We are continuing to look through the collected feedback and make changes where necessary. Some of the changes we have made after PTS 2.5 include the following:

Node Changes 

- Minor node rearrangements throughout multiple branches.
- A handful of value changes through the Firepower, Survival, and Mobility trees. 
- Survival tree has been expanded to allow for two things:
- Armor Hardening, Skeletal Density, and Reinforced Casing node counts expanded allowing for higher levels of investments within the tree. 
- Node layout has been greatly altered to give more player choice between paths allowing for more heavy investment in Armor Hardening versus more investment in Skeletal Density.

Mobility System Changes: 

- Have further tuned a series of lights and 'Mechs defined by mobility to further increase their base mobility attributes. 

UI Changes

- Previously, nodes that were unlocked and equipped were not very distinguishable from nodes that were unlocked but not equipped on a ‘Mech.  These nodes have been given a much better color and shape treatment to make it clear which nodes have had points spent on them.

- The links between nodes have had a color, size and functionality pass done.  It is now easier to see which nodes are connected, which node paths are open, and which node paths are active.  The functionality has been improved to show the difference between active parent nodes and non-active parent nodes.  Previously, all parent nodes would have a full color connecting path.  Now, only parents that are active will have a full color path to its child node.

You can look forward to reading more about the changes in a detailed write up about the Skill Tree in the patch notes next week. 
 You can also look forward to trying out the new Incursion game mode on PTS in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.


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