Skill Tree PTS #2 Now Offline

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 28, 2017 10:00 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

The Skill Tree Public Test Session is now offline pending further tweaks and refinements as we approach its planned release in the May patch. Prior to release we will be addressing a number of bugs and improvement opportunities identified during this PTS, including (but not limited to):

 Firepower Tree: Improvements to reduce 'gating' issues, particularly in the initial portions of the Tree. While Weapon-specific Node investments will still be required for maximizing specific Universal Nodes, these changes will enable more direct access to Universal Nodes without the level of investment required into Weapon-specific Nodes seen in the latest PTS build.
 Base Quirk fixes for a number of 'Mechs with incorrect  value entries, such as the Negative (detrimental) Quirks for the Assassin.
 MASC: Adjusting base values to address inflated Deceleration behavior.
 MechLab (Consumables): Fixing an issue where the Loadout Alert text was incorrectly formatted.
 MechLab (Consumables): Fixing an issue in the Loadout Error window where a Consumable slot violation was still being referred to as a Module slot violation.
 Cool Shot Consumables: Fixing an issue where using your first of two Cool Shots in a match would cause the entire bar to deplete.
 Cool Shot Consumables: Fixing an issue where using a Cool Shot would cause various issues with subsequent Consumable uses of different types.
 Cool Shot Consumables: Fixing an issue where using a Cool Shot wouldn't display the standard cooldown bar within in the HUD icon.
 Refund Ledger: Categories will now be expanded by default.
 Refund Ledger: Clicking the 'Close' button when viewing the information pane will now take you back to the main Ledger, rather than closing the Ledger itself.
 Refund Process: The starting point for receiving C-Bill refunds from Owned Modules is now December 3rd 2016, rather than February 8th 2017. This new date coincides with the first announcement of the new Skill Tree.


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