Recent Reports of Server Issues

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 9, 2017 5:00 PM UTC
The specific in-game server and connection stability issues reported in this announcement have since been cleared up. For any network related issues regarding MWO moving forward, please feel free to contact 

Greetings MechWarriors,

Over the past week we've been monitoring an increase in reports related to in-game server and connection stability issues. Players connecting to the North American server have reported an increase in the number of disconnections, 'rubberbanding' and teleporting of 'Mechs, and general server instabilities. 

As these reports have been coming in we've been keeping a close eye on our servers, but at this time we haven't seen anything unusual on our end, nor anything that indicates the issues are occurring within our direct area of influence. The source of these issues doesn't appear to be with our North American data center or within its immediate area, but somewhere further along the line between your ISPs connection and our NA servers.

We're going to continue monitoring things on our end in the event that there's any indication we can help alleviate the reported issues, but at this stage these issues are unfortunately appearing beyond our control.
If you are experiencing any connection instability we strongly recommend contacting your ISP to find out if they can provide you with any information or assist with troubleshooting your connection.
If your ISP claims nothing is amiss, feel free to get in touch with our tech support at if you haven't already done so. Our support agents will gather some connection diagnostics to help determine what might be occurring with your connection to our North American servers.


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