Hot-Fix Scheduled for 20-JUL-2017

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 20, 2017 10:00 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

We will be rolling out a hot-fix, currently scheduled for Thursday, July 20th at 5:00 PM PDT (Midnight UTC), to issue a number of fixes. Additional issues have been identified for priority fixes, but unfortunately have not made this initial hot-fix. We are currently planning to roll out an additional hot-fix next week with those issues covered, including a resolution for some issues with Floating Chat text entry.

Today's hot-fix includes fixes for the following items:

Comp Play: Leaderboard restored to the single match requirement for placement on the board, introduced with the June 29th hot-fix. The July patch unintentionally reverted back to the original 10 match requirement.

Cougar COU-BA: Fixed an issue where the Structure value for the LT was 17, when it should have been 16.
Cougar COU-C: Fixed an issue where the LT OmniPod Ballistic Cooldown was +5%, when it should have been -5%.
Cougar COU-Prime [S]: Fixed an issue where the default Colour for the special Prime variant was using a shade of green, rather than a shade of brown.
Cougar COU-H: Fixed an issue where Jump Jets could be manually equipped after swapping OmniPods, causing the 'Mech to become Invalid.
Cougar COU-H: Fixed an issue where the ECM would remain equipped after removing the Head OmniPod.

Mad Cat MK II: Fixed an issue where the two low-mounted Side Torso PPCs were angled upward.

MechLab: Fixed an issue where removing a two-slot Weapon from the CT with no Engine equipped would cause the Engine increment widget to report an 'undefined' value.
Fixed an issue where PPC/Gauss Heat Penalty wasn't conveyed correctly in the warning.

Rocket Launchers: Fixed an issue where Rocket Launchers would fail to launch all of their rockets when equipped on 'Mechs with missile tube limitations. This issue is still present with the Annihilator, but will be resolved as soon as possible.

Skill Tree: Fixed an issue where the Skill Tree was reporting an incompatible Node error when using AMS Overload with Laser AMS equipped. This was a cosmetic error only; AMS Overload does impact Laser AMS.

• Uziel UZL-2S: Fixed an issue where equipping Heavy Gauss into the LT would make it appear in the RT, with an empty hardpoint in LT.
Resolved the following Quirk issues.
• Uziel UZL-3P was currently missing a -20% UAC Jam Chance Quirk.
• Uziel UZL-5P had a -20% UAC Jam Chance Quirk, but should have had a 20% Machine Gun Rate of Fire Quirk instead.
• Uziel UZL-6P had a Machine Gun Rate of Fire Quirk, even though it has no Ballistic Hardpoints.

Clan Nova Cat: Based on player feedback, the Nova Cat emblem has been replaced with a new revision more consistent with the classic emblem. All instances of the Nova Cat emblem in the menu systems will be replaced with the new revision in this hot-fix.
The Nova Cat Cockpit Items released in the July patch will require more time to adjust, and are expected to receive the new emblem revision in the August patch.
The scoreboard, pre-round, and end of round icons will be included in the next hot-fix for both Nova Cat and Steel Viper.


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