Updates to the Road Map! 32-Bit, Supply Caches and Skill Tree Respec!

by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 27, 2018 12:29 AM UTC 112  comments
Greetings MechWarriors!

We have a few additional items we need to share with you which have been added to the recent Roadmap
Please review the following as many of these changes may be very important to be aware of in advance of the changes!

Removal of the Respec Cost in Skill Tree
As of the March 20th patch, we are removing the 400 XP cost associated with re-acquiring a previously unlocked Skill! The removal of this cost is not retroactive, and will not result in any refunds of XP/GXP previously used to reacquire an unlocked Node. This is simply a change to the respec system moving forward.

Removal of 32-bit support
As of the April 17th patch, MechWarrior Online will no longer support 32-bit systems.

The MechWarrior Online client and its features have for some time now been hitting the limits of performance and stability under 32-bit systems when it comes to memory. Last year, we updated the Minimum System Requirements listed on the client download page and on Steam to reflect a suggested minimum of 4GB of RAM.

With the release of the new Bolt-On system in our April/Solaris 7 patch and the addition of three new Decal slots (increasing the number of Decal slots from 6 to 9), coupled with decreasing or altogether absent levels support for 32-bit systems by the Windows OS and the various hardware manufacturers, we have opted to end 32-bit support with the release of the April patch.

Removal of current Supply Cache system

The existing Supply Caches and Supply Cache Keys system will be undergoing a ground-up redesign with the release of the April/Solaris 7 patch, bringing in a more streamlined and player-friendly Cache system. As a result, all existing Supply Caches and Supply Cache Keys present in player inventories at the time of the April 17th patch will be removed. If you wish to unlock any Supply Caches in your inventory, be sure to do so before April 17th at 10:00 AM PST!

That said, any unopened Supply Caches or unused Supply Cache Keys in your inventory at the time of the patch will be refunded to you in the following manner:

1 Supply Cache Key = 25 MC (the existing purchase value)
1 Supply Cache = 50,000 C-Bills (the existing sellback value)

Every Cache and Key remaining in your inventory will be accounted for!

Details regarding the brand new Supply Cache system will be revealed in future posts leading up to the release of Solaris 7 in our April 17th patch!


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