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Greetings MechWarriors!

A Hot-Fix is scheduled to occur on Thursday, April 19th at 3:00PM PST (22:00 UTC), to address the following fixes:

Faction Play fixes:
- Unit Leaders can now cancel contracts properly on the Mercenary screen in Faction Play.
- Fixed a bug where double clicking on "Cancel Contract" caused an error message.
- Fixed the issue where Freelancers could answer a "Call to Arms" Faction Play match from the Solaris match making screen which would then cancel the Solaris match and move the player to Faction Play which then resulted with some missing UI.

Solaris fixes:
- Fixed an issue with the 21:9 Resolutions that caused the inability to close the Solaris overview overlay.
- Fixed a bug in the Solaris map 'Ishiyama Caves' where a bugged wall would teleport a 'Mech running into it.
- Fixed a bug where the Solaris match Group leader was able to select more than one server region. 
- Fixed an issue in Solaris where the preferred server region automatically resets back to NA after every match.
- Fixed the issue where 'Mechs with Jump Jets can get stuck in Mech Factory B2 area around the crates.
- Fixed an issue where the Division drop down list goes blank after switching resolutions.
- Fixed an issue where some players would be stuck in match maker launch queue without a displayed launch countdown.
- Fixed a bug where the player can start moving forward before the camera intro sequence is complete at the start of a Solaris match.
- Fixed a bug where the exiting transition from a Player Card locks for a short time.
- Fixed a bug where the Solaris 7 title overlapped the header button when set to 21:9 resolution.

Other Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Ballistic weapons on the Rifleman RFL-DB were overlapped by Energy weapons on the right arm of the 'Mech.
- Urbanmech UM-K9 Deputy Dog's police lights Bolt-On is now on the 'Mech by default and correctly displayed so. Other Bolt-Ons can also now be equipped on it's head without issues.
- Fixed a Quirk bug on the Fafnir FNR-5 where the Cooldown Quirk did not apply to Heavy or Light Gauss Rifle.
- Fixed an issue where the Urbanmech UM-K9 would cause the game to crash upon selecting it and attempting to initiate a match.
- Fixed a bug where a Bolt-On sometimes blocked UAV's from firing.
- The Supply Cache progression bar overlay will not appear after each Quick Play match unless it has been rewarded.
- Fixed a bug where Dropships were missing their blue flame effects during the flight sequence.
- Fixed the issue where Supply Caches items were not showing the full name or item category
- Fixed a bug where the Warhorn animations and it's sound not synced.
- Bolt-Ons tab in Camo Spec screen will now have the name of the 'Mech Chassis which the Bolt-Ons are available to equip on the variants of.
- Fixed an occasional dedicated server crash

Additional Notes: 
- Bolt-On's rewarded through Supply Caches from Solaris may not be Bolt-Ons for the same 'Mech Chassis or Division which you have earned them from.

Thank you for your patience!


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