Patch Thursday (May 24th) GDPR Compliance and more.

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, May 22, 2018 4:00 PM UTC 30  comments

Attention MechWarriors,

This Thursday (May 24th) we have a patch scheduled to go live that will bring GDPR compliance to MWO.

What is GDPR?
  • GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation law in the European Union. 

What is the purpose of GDPR?
  • For players:
    • To give all players a plain English description of what personal information we store and how we use it 
    • Let players know they have a right to see the personal information we have stored.
    • Let players correct or remove their personal information.
  • In our services:
    • Audit the personal information we store.
    • Ensure data encryption and security.
    • Optimize the data for retrieval.
    • Optimize the data for removal.

What does this update entail?
This update allows us to comply with GDPR in the following ways:
  • Changes to our sign up process.
  • Changes to our terms of service.
  • Changes to the ways in which we store, retrieve, and reference players’ information.
  • The ability to retrieve and send to players the stored personal information associated with their account upon request.
  • The ability to anonymize player accounts (Personal Information Deletion along with Account Anonymization).

When is the patch happening?
  • The patch will roll out Thursday, May 24th at 10:00 a.m. and you will need to agree to the new TOS (Terms Of Service) before playing MWO.

It’s worth saying that Piranha Games does not collect your personal information for any reason other than for you to engage with our products.
The changes listed above will bring us in compliance with the GDPR. However, we respect that some players will wish to challenge us on this compliance. 

If you wish to do so, we will have a Data Protection Officer email available for you on the 24th.

See you in the Data-field
The MechWarrior Online Team

What else is coming in the Patch?
  • Bushwacker Geometry Fixes
  • Rifleman Weapon Geometry Fixes
  • Battlemaster Pattern Fixes
  • Flea and Hellfire Camo Spec Colors Removed
  • Mech Max Armour Save bug Fixes
  • Various Solaris City Collision Fixes