Jade Falcon vs Clan Wolf Mini-Campaign

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Aug 7, 2018 9:00 PM UTC 190  comments


Day 1 - Skirmish
Aug 10th 00:00 UTC to Aug 11th 00:00 UTC

"Clan Jade Falcon engages Clan Wolf Units on Blackstone in an attempt to secure a staging area for further operations."


Day 2 - Domination
Aug 11th 00:00 UTC to Aug 12th 00:00 UTC

"Clan Jade Falcon attempts to take Oberon VI  from Clan Wolf on. The Hyperpulse Generator located on Oberon VI is still nonfunctional."


Day 3 - Conquest
Aug 12th 00:00 UTC to Aug 13th 00:00 UTC

"Clan Wolf units report Clan Jade Falcon Disrupting refinery operations on gas giant "Odin" in the Sigurd System"


Day 4 - Assault
Aug 13th 00:00 UTC to Aug 14th 00:00 UTC

"Local Sigurd colonies report increased Clan Jade Falcon presence. Clan Wolf, caught off-guard by the attacks, plan to retake settlements"


Day 5 - Siege

Aug 14th 00:00 UTC to Aug 15th 00:00 UTC

"Jade Falcon shows the intention to capture Butte Hold III. This time there will be no easy Victory for Clan Wolf"

TSP Owners receive 250,000 C-Bills Per Challenge Completed!


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