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Upcoming Patch - 11 December 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT
Patch Number:
Patch Size: ~314MB
Direct Download:

You can check out the Countdown post for more details about the Charger 'Mech and Hatamoto-Chi 'Mech as they are released!

Order them in the Store page here!

Bolt-ons have been added to the following mechs:
  • Javelin 11F(L)
  • Rifleman 8D(L)
  • Warhammer 4L(L)
  • Night Gyr H(L)
  • Marauder IIC(L)

The following 'Mech chassis have been retrofitted for Bolt-on support:
  • Vapor Eagle
  • Archer
  • Marauder
  • Phoenix Hawk

Some requested improvements have made it into Faction Play and the Friends List this patch: 

  • Reinstated Faction Queue data on Conflicts Panel in Faction Play.
  • Added Refresh button to Friends List.
  • Added Favorites column to Friends List and entry in context menu.
  • Added column sorting Friends List.

Stay tuned in 2019 for more Faction Play improvements! 

Heat System: 

  • Destroyed Heat Sinks and Clan XL / IS Light Engine side torso destruction penalties now removes total heat threshold from the top of the available heat pool rather then from the bottom. 

  • This will mean that instead of limiting the amount of heat your bar can be reduced to, redlining to the edge of the shutdown threshold will result in a shutdown or an overridden state if an enemy destroys Heat Sinks or damages an engine out from under you. 

Heat System Design Notes:  We have decided to make some back end changes to the way the heat threshold system is calculated in order to address a number of heat related display bugs that resulted in irregular heat bar behavior when components where destroyed out from under a player while they still had accumulated heat.  While this change is mostly targeted to remove these heat display bugs, this will carry with it some shifts to the way that the heat system works.  Especially when it comes to 'Mechs that are redlining and have their components blown out from under them. We felt this change adds a slight bit more to the risk / reward factor for those that redline their 'Mechs close to the shutdown threshold, and is most apparent when a Clan XL or Inner Sphere Light side torso destruction penalty kicks in.

Stealth Armor: 

  • Stealth Armor now continually produces 1.5 heat per second while activated. 

  • Active Stealth Armor no longer removes heat dissipation while active.

Stealth Armor Design Notes: With the recent shift in heat systems that directly resulted in overall lower shutdown thresholds, we felt that these changes drastically impacted the way we wanted to see Stealth Armor utilized. Before, additional Heat Sinks added to Stealth Armor builds would gradually add larger amounts of threshold allowing for wider windows of operation before needing to disable the system.  With Threshold being greatly toned down at the Heat Sink level due to the recent heat system changes, most Stealth Armor builds were left in a situation where there was next to no way to gain additional operational time through higher threshold values.  Additionally, with dissipation being the larger focal point with the recent overhaul of the heat system, having Stealth Armor cut 100% of your dissipation resulted in additional Heat Sinks on Stealth Armor feeling like wasted tonnage since they now barely affected your window of operation, but magnified the drawbacks by cutting off larger amounts of dissipation. 

To this end, we are shifting Stealth Armor away from utilizing a threshold window and will instead move it to a raw heat per second value that will eat into your per-second dissipation.  We hope to see this result in more varied load-outs outside of ballistics feel more rewarding to play with Stealth Armor. As well as have it be a bit more feasible to utilize on heavier 'Mechs.  While this will mean that you will be able to utilize Stealth Armor almost indefinitely on some builds that excelled at Stealth Armor before when a 'Mech is operating at full efficiency, we do have to highlight that when Heat Sinks or Light Engines get damaged / destroyed, there is now the potential that active Stealth Armor will result in you perpetually gaining heat in some instances if you do not have the engine / external Heat Sinks to cover the continuous 1.5 heat per second generation while the Stealth Armor is activated. Resulting in much more usability at peak efficiency, but with the potential to be a bit more detrimental depending on how your heat dissipation degrades through battle attrition. 



  • KTO-19: added a new Weapon Heat Gen -5% quirk
  • All variants will receive moderate mobility boosts across all attributes. 

Kintaro Design Notes: While the primary focus of this patch remains the mobility attributes, we wanted to provide a bit of a boost to the under utilized KTO-19 variant. This will be the only non-mobility quirk assignment this month. 

This month's primary focus was to cut through as much of the backlog on the recent mobility passes on 'Mechs.  While there are a small amount of stragglers who have yet to receive mobility increases, this patch will bring the vast majority of 'Mechs into the spot we wish to target for mobility. The following chassis received updates to one or more of their variants with this pass:

  • Osiris
  • Spider
  • Cicada
  • Blackjack
  • Centurion
  • Hunchback
  • Trebuchet
  • Griffin
  • Kintaro
  • Shadow Hawk
  • Wolverine
  • JagerMech
  • Orion
  • Victor
  • BattleMaster
  • Highlander
  • Black Lanner
  • Orion IIC
  • Highlander IIC 
  • Supernova

Full Breakdown of the changes can be found in the following PDF:

  • Fixed a bug where the Jump Jet effects geometry was missing on the RFL-8D(L).
  • Fixed a bug where heat drops when destroying the torso of a 'Mech equipped with a Light Engine.
  • Fixed a bug where the vertical weapon group highlight is too short if the 'Mech has Stealth Armor equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where the LCT-1V and LCT-1V(P) have structure quirks instead of armor quirks.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Mechs can get stuck on cell F10 in Grim Plexus.
  • Fixed an art issue where the Dazzle camo pattern in inconsistent on Hunchback 'Mech compared to other chassis.
  • Fixed an art issue where the Hunchback HBK-4SP and HBK-4P(C) camo patterns did not cover the shoulder mounts.

Patch Files (Direct Download)

To make the patching process easier for players with limited download caps, we'll be providing direct download links for the patch file(s) that comprise this patch. This will allow you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, for manual injection into the MWO patcher through a Patch Cache folder.
Aside from allowing you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, on another connection, there are no additional benefits to performing the patch this way; the patching process itself will be the same.
This direct patch download process will only work for players running the standalone client. It does not apply to players running MWO through Steam.

Patch File(s): To be provided on patch day

How to use these patch files
• Download the above file(s)
• For sake of ease we recommend creating a dedicated folder for the patch file(s), such as 'MWO Patch Cache'
• You do not need to unzip or unpack the patch file(s)
• Launch the MWO Portal
• Select the three horizontal lines in the top left of the Portal Window
• Choose the 'Specify Patch File Cache' option
• In the field that appears, paste or enter the location in which you saved the patch file(s) and hit OK
• For example, C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MWO Patch Cache
• Click the blue Patch button
• The launcher will now check the Patch Cache folder you defined. If it locates the required patch files, it will unpack and use those files to apply the patch.
• Once the patch is complete, launch the game


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