Stocking Stuffer 2018 Extended to Jan 3rd 4 PM PST!

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Dec 17, 2018 6:00 PM UTC 111  comments

Stocking Stuffer 2018 is here!
250 Stocking Stuffers to earn in any mode!
Bonus Redeems for TSP and Corsair!
Pick a Prize Champion Mech!
Pick a Prize Snowfall pattern!
Bonus Challenges!

Visit the

for all the details

Track your Progress in the Event!

 Dec 19th 00:00 UTC  to Jan 4th 00:00 UTC
Earn 1 Loot bag for every 50 Match score (up to 75) Earn 1 loot bag per 100 Match score (up to 75) 

Dec 25th 00:00 UTC  to Jan 4th 00:00 UTC
Earn 1 Loot bags for every 80 Match score (up to 50) Earn 1 loot bag per 120 Match score (up to 50)