Road Map for March, April and May

by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 22, 2019 10:19 PM UTC 67  comments
Greetings MechWarriors,

It's time again for an update on the coming months of content currently planned for MechWarrior Online. Let's take a look at what's coming in March, April, and May!

Patch Date: March 19th

  • PGI Original: Corsair 'Mech!
  • Free Corsair Hero Variant for 2018 Winter Holiday Giveaway
      - More details about this variant can be found here!
      - Check your eligibility here! 
  • 3060s Weapon Retrofits for 7 'Mech chassis: 
     - Bushwacker
     - Huntsman
     - Kodiak
     - Marauder IIC
     - Night Gyr
     - Supernova
     - Viper
  • Bolt-on Retrofits for Warhammer IIC
  • Re-release of Classic Quick Play Maps:
     - Forest Colony Classic
     - Forest Colony Winter Classic
     - Frozen City Classic (Day version)
     - Frozen City Classic (Night version)
  • LRM Weapon System Changes 
     - The numerous changes tested through the "Long Range Missile Update" PTS series will go live with the March patch.  The changes will be very similar, but not exact to the changes tested in PTS 2.1. For those unfamiliar with the PTS, these changes focus on a change in behavior for LRMs to have different firing patterns dependent on if a target is within LOS or not.  With additional changes that affect the Lock-On System, AMS, TAG, and NARC.
  • Feature Improvements:
     - Updating the End of Round Screen to display the amount of time a player has spent on a capture point.
     - Showing Sensor Range in the Mech Stats Panel.
     - Showing Structure Quirks in the same manner as Armor Quirks in the Loadout Screen.
     - Allowing players to activate a partial amount of Premium Time through the client as well as showing both active and banked Premium Time remaining.

Patch Date: April 16th

  • Marauder II 'Mech 
  • Bolt-on Retrofits for 7 'Mech chassis:
     - Bushwacker
     - Corsair
     - Huntsman
     - Marauder IIC
     - Night Gyr
     - Supernova
     - Viper
  • New Solaris Season
  • Balance Pass
  • Continuous Fixes and Improvements
  • Winter Version of Canyon Network Map

Patch Date: May 21st

  • Rifleman IIC 'Mech 
  • Bolt-on Retrofits for Marauder II
  • Trial 'Mechs Update
  • Balance Pass
  • Continuous Fixes and Improvements
  • Bonus 'Mech Variants for MW5 Pre-Orders
  • Faction Play Update
     - The Faction Play Update will be released with major changes to how Faction Play is activated and how the match maker will work. Additional items will be detailed as they come on line in the interim.

That covers it for this look ahead at upcoming MechWarrior Online content and releases, MechWarriors. We'll see you here again for our next Roadmap!