Double XP, Double XP Conversion and Conversion Rewards

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Double XP, Double XP Conversion and Conversion Rewards

Earn Double XP for in all modes!

Use a Champion Mech (on Sale) to earn more XP!

Buy or Activate your Premium Time (on sale) and earn even more XP!

Convert your XP at twice the rate with the XP Conversion Sale!

Earn Rewards for Converting XP! 

If that wasn't enough we have bonus challenges!


Bonus Challenge Event Page Here >>>

Event Start: May 30th 00:00 UTC

Event End: June 5th 00:00 UTC



Champion 'Mechs 50% off

Premium Time 50% off

XP Conversion Sale 50 XP for 1 MC


Double XP

Earn Double XP all weekend in all modes!

  • Don't forget to equip Premium Time for even more XP.

  • Use a Champion 'Mech to Earn Even More XP for that Mech!


Example XP earnings

Regular XP

Double XP

+ 50% boost From Premium Time

100 XP

100 XP x 2 = 200 XP

200 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 300 XP

If you use Champion 'Mechs, which are currently 50% off, you would receive an additional 30% XP on your in-game rewards

Example XP earnings with a Champion


Regular XP

Double XP

+30% Champion Bonus

+ 50% boost From Premium Time

100 XP

100 XP x 2 = 200 XP

200 XP + 30% Champion Boost = 260 XP

260 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 390 XP


Double XP Conversion!

  • Convert XP and Double the Rate all weekend!

Converting 'Mech XP to General XP


Regular XP Conversion rate

Double XP Conversion rate

Convert 25 XP for 1 MC

Convert 50 XP for 1 MC



XP Conversion Rewards

 Convert XP and get Rewards!

Check out the rewards here>>>




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