MW5 Mercs UI Design Procedure AMA #7

by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 14, 2019 5:46 PM UTC 17  comments

What: UI Design Procedure AMA
When: Wednesday June 19th
(There will be 2 sessions to best accommodate for the different time-zones)
@ 10AM PDT // 5PM UTC 
@ 6PM PDT // 1AM UTC

Which Devs attending:
Emily - UI Designer
Victor - UI Designer
Russ Bullock - PGI President

Where: In the MW5 Community Pre-order Discord!
How: To attend, you must have access to the MW5 Community Discord where you will be able to tune into the AMA Sessions Voice Channel and type in the #ama_questions Text Channel to ask your question.
The Devs attending will then respond to the questions in the Voice Channel, very much like listening to a live podcast, except on Discord!


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