Patch Notes - - 20-AUG-2019

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Upcoming Patch - August 20, 2019 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT
Patch Number:
Standalone Client Patch Size: 16 MB

Faction Play Improvements

  • Pledging Loyalty to a Faction:
A player who has pledged loyalty to a Faction will now have that Faction's emblem displayed on their home screen, Forum profile and all screens which display profile alignment such as main menu, scoreboard, leaderboard etc. The emblem will not change if the player is participating in Faction Play for another Faction other than the one they are loyal to, even if their Faction is not involved in the current conflict.

  • New Faction Play Leaderboards:
The Faction Play Leaderboard has been temporarily reactivated to show basic stats in a global manner.  Update leaderboards that track based on individual Factions/Role are coming in a future update.

Trial Mechs Update

Inner Sphere
  • RVN-3L(C)
  • GRF-1S(C)
  • TDR-9SE(C)
  • ZEU-6T(C)
  • FS9-S(C)
  • BJ-1(C)
  • QKD-4G(C)
  • AS7-RS(C)

  • ACH-Prime(C)
  • SHC-Prime(C)
  • EBJ-Prime(C)
  • KDK-3(C)
  • MLX-Prime(C)
  • HBK-IIC(C)
  • ON1-IIC-A(C)
  • HNG-IIC-C-(C)

  • Center Torso Hitbox Adjustments on the Rifleman IIC to reduce the Torso profile width from both the front and the top of the radar dish.
  • Center Torso Hitbox Adjustments on the Marauder II to correct hitbox issues with the dorsal gun housing that mounts energy and ballistic weapons.
  • Muting a player's VOIP and text chat is now persistent for the current play session (ie. until the game client is closed

Stay tuned for an upcoming Comp Play news announcement regarding a big player-run Tournament!


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