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MWO Comp would like to thank all the teams, support staff, tournament supporters, streamers and viewers that contributed to making this year's MechWarrior Championship Series possible.

The winners and team placements are as follows:

Major Finals:
First Place - EmpyreaL (NA)
Second Place - 1st Jaguar Guards [EU]
Third Place - EON Synergy [EU]
Fourth Place - Majestic 12 [EU]

EmpyreaL has won a 3rd World Championship, cementing the unit as the most successful competitive MWO team of all time. In 2nd place, the 1st Jaguar Guards improved on their last year’s performance and despite seeing initial victories were unable to defeat EmP in the final round. EON Synergy struggled with player numbers throughout the tournament but still managed to take 3rd place in a close best of 5 against newcomers MJ12.

Minor Finals:
First Place - Russian Jade Falcon [EU]
Second Place - 228th Black Watch (NA)
Third Place - Phoenix Legion [EU]
Fourth Place - Smoke Adders (NA) 

Russian Jade Falcon were the clear winners of Minor Finals, comfortably beating 228 Blackwatch 3-0, 3-0 in two best of 5 rounds.

All the matches can be rewatched on the MWO Leagues YouTube channel: 

Top 18 Finalists:

Comp Q top 30:
1872 drops were played in total:

Phoenix Legion [PHL]
RJF Eyrie [RJFE]
Kell’s Commandos [KCom]
Russian League 33 Team 1 [COM1]
COMSTAR Postal Service [CSPS]
228th Dark Riders [-TDR]
Tons of Rust [12TR]
Ghosts of Nox [G-NX]
Clan Crossfit [CXFF]
31st Hussar Regiment [31HR]
Strana Mechty Team [SM T]
Randoomed Puggz [RPGz]
White Knight Legion [WKA]
Fraternite 37 [F37]
Skye Ranger Jaegers [SR-J]
Blackthornes Dragoons [BTD]
Camerons Highlanders [CH]
Rev enGines – Hero Turn [RGHT]
Tons of Rust Bravo [B-TR]
MwoMercs_de [MERC]
Russian League 22 Team2 [COM2]
Tikonov Commonality [TCAF]
Ghost of Nox [GNXR]
Kartoffelbauern [Rakt]
Front Corn [FCOB]
The Patchwork Quilt [TPQ]
Den of Wolves [-DW-]
we here for money [COIN]
Cranky Old Canadians [CCdn]
Mamma Mia [MMia]

The following teams fell outside the top 30 in Comp Play 
but managed to complete 20 matches and will receive rewards:
Jade Corsair [JCSR]
Germany [GER]
Smoke Adders – 505th [505s]
Husaren Lions [1HLR]
Teamkill Corps [TK C]
CJF124th Striker Cluster [124s]
Devil Dogs [DOGS]
The Black Crowes [ABOC]
FearlessFryingFrogBrigad [FFFB]
Lybell 02 [L02]


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