Monday MechWarrior Update with Daeron #02

by Daeron Katz in [ Announcements ] on, Nov 10, 2020 4:00 AM UTC 362  comments

Greetings, MechWarriors!

As mentioned in my previous Monday update, I had another meeting with Russ and Matt to go over the feedback we've been gathering from the community on potential future development updates for MechWarrior Online. We have recognized definite areas of consensus from within the participating community members, which I will outline below.

This list below is in no way final, so now is the time to make your voices heard. Don't like something on this list? Let's discuss it here. Want something added to the list? Let's discuss it here. We will also be organizing other methods of community discussion, including some form of a roundtable meeting between the players and the developers (more on that soon).

We will also begin discussing some of these topics with the developers to get technical reviews, and we will make sure the discussions are updated with the information we receive from them. Have a technical question for the developers? Ask here!

So this is it. This is when the real work begins, and I expect we'll be taking the majority of the remaining six weeks prior to the holiday break to really hash everything out into a solid plan for MWO in the new year. I'll be continuing my Monday update posts here, and my Friday appearances on the NGNG podcast with Phil, to keep everyone updated in the process. I will also be participating in the forum threads more closely and regularly, to continue receiving your feedback and keep the discussion flowing and on point.

I realize these are just bullet points. This is a general outline. We can go into greater detail with each topic as we move forward. Not everything listed is guaranteed to make it in. We're still considering more options. These are not listed in any particular order.

  • Change Starting Tier (to 4.5)
  • Update Trial 'Mechs (regularly with appropriate consultation)
  • Increase Cadet Bonus
  • Update In-game Tutorial
  • Establish New Player Video Tutorials (official and community)
  • MWO Discord Channel (update MW5 Discord to MWO/MW5)
  • Update Wiki / Add Wiki Contributors

  • Skill Tree / Grind Reduction
  • Remove Torso Heat Spike Mechanic
  • Heat Management Values Not Representative of Heat Efficiency
  • Simplify Command Wheel
  • Remove Time of Day Change in Matches (FPS hit)
  • UI Performance Pass / Scaling?

  • New Community-Driven Map (Community input from start to finish)
  • Update Unbalanced Maps
  • Spawn Point Fixes

  • New Community-Driven 'Mech (Community input to new 'Mech chassis choice)
  • New 'Mech Variants
  • Rescale 'Mechs (for fun and role vs volumetric)
  • Fix Mech Mobility (Desync)
  • Update Bolt-Ons (Stay Attached)
  • Quirks / Set of 8's for Under Performers
  • Armor Balance for Arm Weapon-Only 'Mechs (Jenner, Jagermech, Rifleman)
  • Weapon Balance Pass
  • IS Omnimechs / Engine Discussion

  • Review / Update Game Modes
  • Solution for Faction Play
  • Solution for Solaris
  • General Match Maker Improvements
  • 8v8 vs 12v12
  • Examine Match Scoring (AMS)
  • Remove 2 Minute Requirement for Reconnection
  • Private Lobby Updates (More Options, Maps, Host Assignment, More Spectators)
  • Dailies/Weeklies

  • Unit Recruitment Social Chat Tab
  • Remove CBill Recruitment Cost for Units
  • Refer-a-Friend Program
  • Increased API Functionality

  • Special Event Queue (Possible Faction Play/Solaris and 8v8/12v12 Solution)

  • New Player Packs
  • Starter Packs (Brawling, Long Range, Heavy)
  • Themed Packs (Pop Culture, NASCAR)
  • New Items (Metallic Paints, Custom UI Colors, Voice Packs, Sound Packs, Laser Color Customization, MechLab Customization)
  • Improve Cockpit Item Bonuses (added value)

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