February Patch Notes Preview

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 9, 2021 5:00 PM UTC 92  comments
Greetings Mechwarrior,

We are going to try something new here! 
Today I am going to post a few previews of Items in the upcoming patch. 
That way you can check out the changes sooner! 
Keep in mind things can change between now and patch day (Feb 16th)if bugs are discovered. (See Bellow for example)
Also, the preview items may not provide complete details or explanations. 
We may not do this every patch.

First Item: 
Static Time of Day in 6 maps that had Dynamic Time of Day.

  • These time of day settings were chosen for this patch based on the existing lighting.
  • Our choices were based on visibility first and atmosphere second.
  • Please understand that they will likely be further adjusted in Q2-Q3 Goals.
  • We hope to be able to offer more variety in the future. (Q4 Goals)
  • We are open to your feedback, but feedback won't affect this patch. (Squad Goals)

Forest Colony - 10:00 AM
Sunny skies with 19% humidity and a 100% chance of combat.

Frozen City - 08:00 AM
Cold and windy conditions. Blowing snow reduces visibility. Overheating your mech is a terrible way to stay warm.

River City - 10:00 AM
Sunny Day with several fires affecting visibility. Go directly to the citadel and fight. This is the way.

Polar Highlands - 08:00 AM
Well, it's not as bright as Hibernal Rift so that's a plus. Could use more cover (Q2-Q3 Map improvements).

Viridian Bog - 02:00 PM
The afternoon sun has burned off the heavy fog you might expect to find in a bog. On the plus side, it still smells like skunk cabbage.

Crimson Straight - 06:45 PM
The street lights are on. Time to go home for dinner. Enjoy the nightlife by shooting the lights out in Crimson Straight.

This just in... BOLT-ON! ...STAY-ON!.. KNOCK-ON!

Just as I am about to post this I am reminded why we don't make patch notes until the patch is done in QA. So apparently we have an issue where the arm can be destroyed but the bolt-on stays put! We have a fix already so stay tuned tomorrow to see if
 the Bolt-on, Stay-on, Knock-on, can get its Fix-on and we can get this Patch-on.

It's going to be an interesting year :)
The MechWarrior Online Team


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