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The MechWarrior Online Warden Pack Selfie Contest Results are in! Well mostly, let us explain...

As we were browsing all of the submissions, from both the Forums and Twitter, we realized two things. 1) A lot of people submitted on Twitter that didn't submit on the Forum and visa versa, and 2) more people participated than we we anticipated, and we got so many great submissions, that we knew we wanted to give away more MC prizes. So, we decided to have separate contests for the Forum and for Twitter. This allows us to give away twice as many MC prizes, but that's not all! Based on some feedback we received, we also decided to bump up the amount of the MC prizes a bit.

The following winners are from the Forum portion of the contest only. As we made this decision late in the day, we wanted to have enough time to consider the Twitter submissions in this new context. We will announce the Twitter winners tomorrow, Friday July 30th.

*Winners will be contacted tomorrow, Friday July 30th.
**Remember, this is totally subjective and for fun!

So without further ado, here are the Forum winners of the Warden Pack Selfie Contest. Congratulations to all!

1st Place Overall - Callsign 013
Winning 10,000 MC!

2nd Place Overall - Cutback
Winning 8,000 MC!

3rd Place Overall - Star Dust
Winning 5,000 MC!

Most Nostalgic - VeritasSuperOmnia
Winning 8,000 MC!

Most Nostalgic (Runner-Up) - Will9761
Winning 5,000 MC!

Hardest On The Eyes - YiffyInAJiffy
Winning 8,000 MC!

Impressive displays of creativity from the community with the Warden 'Mechs and Elementals has inspired the team to host a Warden Pack Selfie Contest! Take your best screenshot, which needs to include either one of the Warden 'Mechs plus some Elemental Bolt-ons, painted them in your favorite colors, add some decals if you'd like, and send us your shot on Twitter @MechWarriorF2P  with the hashtag #SELFIE or post it to this forum thread or both for maximum exposure! Daeron, Mark and Francois will choose their 5 favorite submissions as follows:

1st Place Overall
8000 MC!

2nd Place Overall
5000 MC!

3rd Place Overall
3000 MC!

Most Nostalgic
5000 MC!

Hardest On The Eyes
5000 MC!

We can't wait to see your images! Winners will be announced here and on Twitter as soon as possible after end of day Thursday, July 29th PDT! Prizes will be distributed after the announcement and communication with the winners.

NOTE: An easy way to take a 'Mech selfie is to drop into a Testing Grounds map of your choice and hit the F5 key to go into floating camera mode and then PrtScn key to take a screenshot. Hit F5 again to get back into cockpit view.

Have fun and good luck MechWarriors,
The MWO Team


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