MWO Comp Championship Series 2021

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MWO Comp Championship Series 2021

MWO Comp is pleased to announce the details of the 2021 MWO Comp Championship Series (MWO CS), a worldwide competition that will determine which team is the strongest MWO team in 2021!

A collaborative effort between MWO Comp and Piranha Games, the Championship Series is designed to serve as the true end game for MechWarrior Online. We invite aspiring teams to take part!


Stage 1 - In-Game Comp Queue
Comp Queue Opens - August 24th
Comp Queue Opens - Thursday and Saturday
Comp Queue Teams Locked -  September 20th
Comp Queue Closes - October 18th

Stage 2 - Double Elimination Finals
Round 1: October 30th
Round 2: November 6th
Round 3: November 13th
Round 4: November 20th
Round 5: November 27th
Break / Spare Saturday -  December 4th

Grand Finals: December 11th

There will be both in-game and cash prizes. Final cash prize is to be determined, while the in-game prizes supplied by PGI are detailed below:

Would you like to support the MWO Comp Championship Series 2021? You can do so in the following ways:

If anyone in the community wishes to donate some of their time or creations to the prize pool please contact: Live1991#7175 on Discord.

Please join our Discord server and we will be happy to answer!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement on a Comp-themed Event and Sale!

When will the Tournament Support Packs be available and what are the details?
The Tournament Support Packs and all of the details are being worked on now and will be available as soon as possible!

Are the in-game rewards per-player or per-team?
They are per-player, including the subs.

How many games do I need to play to get the Top 500 rewards?
The Team needs to play 20 games, then their entire roster will be available for Top 500 Rewards.

I don't have a team, what's the best way to find one?
Join the MWO Comp Discord server, you will find many units who are recruiting at all skill levels.

I am new to MWO, can I play?
To participate in Competitive Play you must be part of a Competitive Team, and your account must have completed the Cadet phase.

*Any of this information is subject to change.


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