MW5Mercs Legend of the Kestrel Lancers Launch Day Intel Update

by Daeron Katz in [ Announcements ] on, Sep 24, 2021 12:00 AM UTC


Greetings MechWarriors!

We hope you are having fun with the release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries on the PlayStation, the new Legend of the Kestrel Lancers expansion, the addition of new free features like Melee and 'Mech Switching, and more!

As is typical with any new release, there are some issues and bugs that need to be addressed. We have been gathering your feedback, monitoring support, watching content creators, and doing everything we can to make sure we can fix the issues and make your game play as enjoyable as possible as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are a couple of the major issues people are dealing with, and temporary fixes:

Some players are experiencing a key-binding issue when trying to access 'Mech Switching which should by default be bound to the "Y" key. Here is a temporary fix:
  • Open File Explorer
  • Click the address bar at the top
  • Copy-paste the following line and hit Enter:
    • %localappdata%\MW5Mercs\Saved\Config\
  • Remove input.ini and gameusersettings.ini files
  • Restart the game

Some players are experiencing a Low-level fatal error(file unknown)(line 1308) crash. Here is a temporary fix:
  • Remove modlist.json located in \MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries\MW5Mercs\Mods folder

We have gathered an extensive list of now known-issues, but a few of the larger issues are as follows:
  • Input prompts during navigation (first part) of the tutorial do not show (however, this part of the tutorial is fairly intuitive)
  • Many mods may unexpectedly break or become unstable. Mod creators will need to update their mods accordingly
  • Areas of combat vibration are missing on PS5 with the dual sense controller.
  • AC weapon SFX is missing.
  • We hope you continue to enjoy MW5Mercs, and as always if you have any technical issues or bugs to report, be sure to email or contact us in the MechWarrior Discord Server in the appropriate channels.

The MechWarrior 5 Team


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