PTS: May Patch Features! - PTS OVER

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, May 9, 2022 9:00 PM UTC 95  comments


You can now start installing the PTS version of MWO!


Greetings  MechWarriors,
We are conducting a PTS for the feature update for this May 24th Patch.
We will update the post with start and end times once the build is ready.

We are doing this for 3 key reasons.
Creators can check out the new features and make videos. (Capture, Streaming ETC is all allowed)
Players can test the new features and help us find issues before we go Live on May 24th.
You can provide feedback, however, our main focus will be on Bugs and Blockers that would prevent a smooth transition.

You will have to install a second version of the game.
It's only accessible through the MWO Portal. (not available through steam)
Purchases and earnings do not carry over to production servers.
The player population will be low so QP and FP will not have enough players for MM.
We will have Event Queue mode set to 4 vs 4 so you can play there.

When does it start and end?

  • Start Time - May 11th at 10 AM PDT
  • End Time -  May 13th at 4 PM PDT

What is on the PTS?
  • Quirk Display Update
  • Skills Reconfigured
  • Event Queue

What are we testing?
Mostly the purpose of PTS is to give players a preview of the upcoming Patch.
We are looking for any Major issues that you may identify that we can fix to make the new patch as stable as possible.
We will take feedback for improvements, but our current goal is to identify and fix any major bugs that will block the release.
  • Quirk Display Update - Looking for Issues with Quirk Display
  • Skills Reconfigured - Looking for issues in Transitioning your Skill tree or equipping new skills.
  • Event Queue - Testing 1 event Type and Event Flow

How do we test?
  • Check out your mechs with the updated Quirk display
    • Are all the quirks displaying properly?
  • Check out Mechs Skills
    • Check out the new transition process for orphaned nodes
    • test the functionality of the new Skills system
  • Try dropping in the Event Queue with a Custom 4 vs 4 mode 
    • We are using 4 vs 4 to make matches easier to find.
    • Finding Event Queue Matches will be dependent on players searching for matches at that time.

What should we avoid testing?
  • Faction Play and Quickplay are not viable as the population will be limited.

What is in my account?
  • This would be your Live account duplicated from around 1 week ago.
  • We have added some currencies to the PTS account to make testing easier:
    • 200,000 MC
    • 500,000,000 C-Bills
    • 10,000 GSP
  • These currencies are for testing only and will not transceiver to the Production servers.
  • None of your changes on PTS will transfer over to Production servers.

Do I get any progress purchases or content from PTS on my live account?
  • No, your live account and PTS accounts are separate.

Will there be rewards for participating in PTS?
  • There are no rewards for playing in the PTS

How do I install PTS?
  • Using the MWO Portal - Select the Public Test Tab.
  • Install the PTS version of MWO.

How do I log in?
  • Log in to PTS using your MWO Pilot Email and Password.
  • You cannot create a new account only existing accounts work.