Impromptu Dev Update about Matchmaker and Faction Play with NGNGtv

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 1, 2022 6:00 PM UTC 58  comments

Impromptu Dev Update with NGNGtv

Matt and Daeron had an impromptu discussion with Phil NGNGtv regarding the current matchmaker status and faction play discussion. 

Brief Summary of the discussion

Groups in Quick Play
- Max Group Restrictions settings are currently not applied to QP matchmaker -
- The Max Group restrictions stopped being enforced in the June 21st patch -
- The issue has been found and will be fixed July 19th patch -
- As of July 19th patch The Max Group Restrictions Variable will be exposed for future tuning -
- The default setting will be set back to Max 5 people in groups as of the July 19th patch -
Max Group Restrictions 5 means each team can have can have -

one 4-player group 
one 2-player and one 3-player group
two  2-player groups

Event Queue and Quick Play
- Quick Play matchmaker settings and Event Queue matchmaker settings were decoupled as of June 21st -
- This means when we run Event Queue we will not have a negative effect on Quickplay Match Quality -

Improving Match Quality is a Q3 Goal
- Investigating the Match Quality, Groups, Soup ETC and what can be done is our Q3 Goal -
- Issues from Event Queue and Max Group Settings have helped Daeron and Matt get a better understanding of how MM is currently configured-

Faction Play Discussion
- Open Discussion of Faction Play Ideas -


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