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mwo comp

championship series 2022


Greetings Mechwarriors!

Thank you to everybody who has participated in the Mechwarrior Online World Championship Series 2022! We had an incredible 121 teams sign up over the course of Stage 1! The first stage has drawn to a close, and we are down to our 12 finalists who will compete for the Grand Prize, and honors of being MechWarrior Online's top team for 2022!

The current grand prize is over $16,000! By buying a Tournament Supporter Pack (TSP), 50% of the cost goes directly to the prize pool. The TSP also comes with a wide variety of rewards, including increased C-Bill and XP earnings.
There are two tiers of TSP this year with a wide variety of rewards, including increased C-Bill and XP earnings through May (Tier 1) or August (Tier 2). Get your supporter package and details here:

To read more about the tournament check out the following link:

Congratulations to the following teams that are advancing to Stage 2!

Rank 1
1st Jaguar Guards [JGx]

Rank 2
I Hate my Abins [ABIN]

Rank 3
5th Jaguar Dragoons [5JDx]

Rank 4
Russian Clan Jade Falcon [RJF]

Rank 5
Mech Enjoyers [(ME)]

Rank 6
COMSTAR Postal Service [CSPS]

Rank 7

Rank 8
Skye Ranger Jaegers [SR-J]

Rank 9

Rank 10
Ghosts of Nox [G-NX]

Rank 11
Damage Per Second [DP-S]

Rank 12
228The Storm [228x]

The top 12 Finals bracket can be viewed here!

All games will be streamed on Twitch:

Make sure you follow and subscribe to keep up to date.

The format for stage 2 will be as follows:

Week one of games : 22nd of October
Week two of games: 29th of October
Week three of games: 5th of November
Week four of games: 12th of November
Week five of games: 19th of November
Break /Spare Night: 26th of November
Grand Final: 3rd of December
Well done to every team that has participated and played in this first stage!


Our main caster this year is Starwolfe (


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