Boosted Mech Packs Volume 4

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 28, 2022 8:00 PM UTC 10  comments

Boosted Mech Packs Volume 4

Starts: October 29th at 00:00 UTC
Ends: Nov 12th at 00:00 UTC

Here's the Deal!

Purchase any level of the Qualifying package and get a bonus reward of...

 - 2 Mechbays, 13 M C-bills, 2000 MC, and 200 GSP! - 


Qualifying Packages


Cyclops Package
Viper Package
Phoenix Hawk Package
Kodiak Package
Archer Package
Rifleman Package
Warhammer Package
Marauder Package
Origins IIC Package
Resistance II Package
Urbie Package
Clan Invasion Wave III Package
Resistance Package
Clan Invasion Wave Two Package
Clan Invasion Package



    • This bonus can work on multiple packages but only once per Package

      • Example 1 you can purchase Dervish Standard Collection to get the rewards but it will not get a reward for Hero or Reinforcements Add-on)

      • Example 2 If you already own the Standard Collection you can Add on the Hero or the Reinforcements and get the Bonus Reward

    • Purchases will apply to the appropriate Annual Rewards Level (Bonus MC does not count as purchased MC)

    • We will be having other versions of this same promo with other packages in the near future

    • Works with Gifted versions of Qualifying Packages



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