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Greetings MechWarriors!

I hope you enjoy these little updates and teases as much as we enjoy putting them together! The team (with the help of the Cauldron) is putting a lot of hard work into the game. Event Queue Request Queue is a cool new thing and we are getting the next free mech event together while we get this patch ready to ship.

As always we look forward to hearing your feedback.
The MechWarrior Online Team.

You will get the full loadout details on the new Legends in the MWO Patchnotes due out on Feb 16th 
and the Patch will be released on Feb 20th.


"Once the Onyx came out, all anyone could think about was the Red Reaper. Both Cauldron and the player base. Immediately we began working on it, though one thing we realized was that the hard points on the original Red Reaper wouldn't quite cut it in MWO. So we started work on the Red Reaper II, a rebuilt version of the iconic mech that kept the shield but gave it the awesome firepower it deserves. To top it all off, it probably has one of the best warhorns so far." " - Tiyos


"The Warhawk Kasai is an homage to one of my favorite MWO artists, jjm1. Those who have been around for awhile have probably seen his art of the Gunslinger, Dragon Fire, Pillager, and plenty of other amazing hero mech skins on DeviantArt. His stuff is just too cool to not have in MWO, so when we decided to do a Warhawk I knew exactly the look I wanted it to have. I know it's probably been a long time since he's played Mechwarrior, but if you're reading this jjm1 feel free to send anyone at PGI a message and we'll hook you up with a Kasai. I hope we can bring more of your artwork to life in MWO." - Tiyos


"Work on the new weapons continues, Cauldron has finalized the stats and we are now in the final testing phase and finalizing sounds. Keep an eye out for a preview in the next few weeks!" - Tiyos


MechWarrior 5 DLC 6 Announcement is coming soon (TM) with another wishlist campaign to get currency in MWO for wishlisting DLC 6 on your fav platform or PC Store.


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