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Support Cancer research and purchase the exclusive Sarah's 'Mech today!
Proceeds of this sale will be delivered to the Canadian Cancer Society.*
Offer ends August 20th. Delivery occurs August 23rd.

Sarah Parries

The Sarah’s Mech Charity Fundraiser ended on August 20, 2013. We invite you to donate locally or directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. A list of cancer societies in major countries and other information on the Sarah’s Mech Charity Fundraiser is available here.

In May 2013, we were overwhelmed with support for Sarah Parries, one of our youngest MechWarriors who tragically lost her life to cancer in Vancouver, Canada. We would like to reiterate our deepest condolences for Sarah's loved ones, who have expressed their sincerest appreciation for the incredible outpour of sympathy from the MechWarrior Online Community.

We are delighted to have been petitioned by our fans to take this as an opportunity to honor our fallen comrade and to raise donations for the Canadian Cancer Society through the sale of a unique version of Sarah's favourite Mech.

Proceeds raised were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Sarah and MechWarriors affected by cancer worldwide on August 23, 2013.

*100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society, net of applicable Sales Taxes and third-party transaction fees such as credit card and payment processing fees. These fees typically represent less than 4%. For clarity, IGP and PGI are not making any money off of the donated funds.

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Canadian Cancer Society

Sarah's Jenner

“This one time daddy was playing his game in his big mech and he walked up to a baddy and the baddy just BLEW UP!”

Sarah Parries

Sarah's favourite 'Mech chassis was the Jenner with streak SRMs, because she liked to lock on. She loved speeding around with night-vision and lots of medium lasers so she could, “get 'em good!”, blazing through the Inner Sphere with her father Jon. Sarah was an excellent sport and shared her dad's passion for BattleTech.

“You guys should have seen Sarah when I brought out some old Battletech models for the first time. I showed her a Jenner that was in the box, but it looked a little bit different because it had a dome head. Sarah cocked her head and said, ‘That's not a Jenner, Jenners have a pointy head!’”

“Again I can never thank all of you enough for all the time and effort you at MWO have provided. It has helped a lot knowing that people out there legitimately care.”

Sarah’s Father Jon Parries
Sarah's Jenner

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