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This event is now over.

Starts: Jul 2nd 5:00:01 PM (PDT) / Jul 3rd 12:00:01 AM (UTC)
Ends: Jul 17th 4:59:59 PM (PDT) / Jul 17th 11:59:59 PM (UTC)

Event Details

Greetings MechWarriors!

Welcome to Shoot 'n' Loot, another exciting Loot-bag event! This time we have introduced a twist with 3 Day "loot-bag" goals and player choice redeems with the "Pick a Prize" Rewards.

We have Bonus Redeems for the following Pre-orders as well! Clan Wave 2 and 3 Heroes, Origins Heroes, and Civil War: Escalation packs the Osiris, Night star, Arctic Wolf, and Nova Cat.

Have fun Shooting and Looting!

- The MechWarrior Team

SHOOT 'N' LOOT - Loot bag Event

  • Earn a Minimum match Score of 100 in qualified game mode and earn up to 30 loot Bag redeems every 3 days
  • Quick Play and Faction Play modes only - Private Match and Comp Play Excluded)
  • Earn up to 30 every 3 days a Day for 15 days = 150 Loot Bags!
  • Qualify for Bonus Redeems with Pre-Order Programs!
  • Earn a "Pick a Prize" Every 20 Loot bags you acquire! (You can acquire loot-bags from Daily and/or Bonus redeems)

Here are the Possible Prizes in the loot bags

  • Active Premium Time
  • MC (various values)
  • C-Bills (various values)
  • GXP (various values)
  • C-Bill Consumables
    • Cool Shot
    • Artillery Strike
    • UAV
    • Air Strike
  • Cockpit Items
    • Clan Side arm Standing Item
    • Duct Tape hanging Item
    • Hunters Knife hanging item
    • Push Dagger Hanging Item
    • Combat Radio Warhorn
    • Radial Warhorn
    • Cyclops Warhorn
    • Blades warhorn
    • Brass Knuckles Hanging item
    • Gas Mask Standing Item
    • Med Kit Standing Item
    • Vibro blade Standing item
  • 'dud' Item
    • the letter "Y" Decal (Y tho?)

Please Note

  • All prizes are randomly selected.
  • Support services will not trade or switch out any prizes.
  • Accounts that engage in non-participation or other violations of the CoC, such as (but not limited to) AFK/non-participation farming or 'gaming' of the Community Warfare matchmaking system, will be subject to reward disqualification and moderation actions.
  • Premium Time received during this event activates immediately when you receive the prize in-game.
  • Solo and Group queue matches are eligible, in all Quick Play and Faction Play game modes.
  • No opt-in required.
  • The Loot Bags will disappear on July 24th 5 PM PDT (July 25th 12 AM UTC)! Redeem your eligible matches on the event page before that deadline or they will be forfeit!
  • In the event that you do not redeem all of your Loot Bags prior to the above deadline, Support services will not be able to provide any retroactive rewards.

Loot Bag redemptions are now over!

  • Match Results are updated every hour
  • The Day Changes at Midnight UTC on the specified Day (5 PM PST)
  • You have until July 24th 5 PM PDT (July 25th 12 AM UTC) to earn Bonus redeems through Pre-orders.
  • You have until July 24th 5 PM PDT (July 25th 12 AM UTC) to redeem your "loot bags" and select and redeem "Pick a Prize" rewards.

Pick a Prize Rules

  • Meet the Loot Bag Requirement to unlock the "pick a prize" Redeem Button
  • Select the Item you want unlocked or injected and Press the Redeem Button
  • In the case of Patterns Select which Chassis you would like to have the pattern unlocked for and then select the Pattern and press Redeem
  • Decals, Colors and Patterns are unlock-able. Be careful to select items that you DO NOT OWN. (if you select an item you already have unlocked you will not receive additional content)
  • Standing Items and War horns will be injected regardless if you own them or not. Be careful to select items that you want.( if you already own one you will receive a second)
  • Please allow 2 hours for your content to redeem in game.
  • Pick a Prizes are edited lists of Items the players can select and then press a redeem button and have the item unlocked See the Selection Sets Below

Bonus Loot Bag Redeems

Owners of the following packs - Available on any day of the Loot Bag Event - These do count to the Pick a Prize Total!

For full rules & regulations governing this challenge, click here.