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This event is now over.

Starts: Oct 26th 10:00:00 AM (PDT) / Oct 26th 5:00:00 PM (UTC)
Ends: Nov 10th 4:00:00 PM (PST) / Nov 11th 12:00:00 AM (UTC)

Event Update

This event has been updated with new changes, for more information click here

Event Details

Greetings MechWarriors!

This Event gives you a chance to earn up to a total of 150 random Loot Bags through qualifying matches, with even more Bags up for grabs if you own a Tournament Supporter pack or eligible pre-order packs.

You can earn 100 Loot Bags in Quick Play and 50 Loot Bags in Faction Play. You can track your match count progress through the Event Browser and Redeem your loot bags on this page.

When you have earned 150 loot Bags (through Matches or Bonus Redeems) you will unlock the Grand Prize! which is a Pick a Prize Reward!

Conflict Schedule

Start DateEnd DateConflict
Oct 28th 12 AM UTCOct 30th 12 AM UTC Clan Wolf vs Clan Diamond Shark
Oct 30th 12 AM UTCNov 1st 12 AM UTC Marik vs Liao
Nov 1st 12 AM UTCNov 3rd 12 AM UTC Nova Cat vs Ghost Bear
Nov 3rd 12 AM UTCNov 5th 12 AM UTC Steiner vs Davion
Nov 5th 12 AM UTCNov 7th 12 AM UTC Steel Viper vs Jade Falcon
Nov 7th 12 AM UTCNov 9th 12 AM UTC FRR vs Kurita
Nov 9th 12 AM UTCNov 11th 12 AM UTC Smoke Jaguar vs Ghost Bear

Please note:

  • Regular IS vs Clan Faction Play will be suspended during this event.
  • These Faction conflicts are not driven by lore.
  • The faction match ups are an attempt to balance faction sizes and minimize the chance of Ghost Drops.
  • The Conflict Progress Bar has been shortened to create more chance of a seesaw.
  • There are no Victory or Defeat Rewards with the exception of planet ownership.

This event will run for 16 days, so we hope you'll enjoy the time to earn those Trick or Treat 3 Loot Bags at your own pace!

Possible Prizes

  • Active Premium Time
  • MC (various values)
  • C-Bills (various values)
  • GXP (various values)
  • MC Consumables
    • Cool Shot
    • Artillery Strike
    • UAV
    • Air Strike
  • Cockpit Items
    • Cockpit Standing - Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Hanging - Stitched Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Hanging - Smiling Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Hanging - Skull Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Hanging - Scared Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Hanging - Nuke Pumpkin
    • Cockpit Mounted Warhorn - Halloween Lights
    • Cockpit Standing - Skull Halloween 2017
    • Cockpit Hanging - Chandelier Halloween 2017
    • Cockpit Mounted Warhorn - Gravestone Halloween 2017

Please Note

  • All prizes are randomly selected.
  • Support services will not trade or switch out any prizes.
  • Accounts that engage in non-participation or other violations of the CoC, such as (but not limited to) AFK/non-participation farming or 'gaming' of the Community Warfare matchmaking system, will be subject to reward disqualification and moderation actions.
  • Premium Time received during this event activates immediately when you receive the prize in-game.
  • Solo and Group queue matches are eligible, in all Quick Play and Faction Play game modes.
  • No opt-in required.
  • The Loot Bags will disappear on November 19th 10 AM PST! Redeem your eligible matches on the event page before that deadline or they will be forfeit!
  • In the event that you do not redeem all of your Loot Bags prior to the above deadline, Support services will not be able to provide any retroactive rewards.

Loot Bag redemptions are now over!


Reach 150 Loot bags through a combinations of Bonus Redeems, Quick play, and Faction Play matches and unlock the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize is a Pick a Prize Reward where you can choose between the following options:

  • Inner Sphere: Hunchback HBK-4P [S] (Cannot be Sold) with 30% C-Bill boost and custom load outs built for performance the with a Phranken Pattern default skin and a Mech Bay
  • Clan: Stormcrow SCR-Prime [S] (Cannot be Sold) with 30% C-Bill boost and custom load outs built for performance the with a Phranken Pattern default skin and a Mech Bay
  • Inner Sphere: Griffin GRF-2N and a Mech Bay (Standard Mech)
  • Clan: Nova NVA-Prime and a Mech Bay (Standard Mech)

Be Careful when selecting your Pick a Prize. Customer Support will not be able to change or exchange your choice.

Match Loot Bags

Event Conditions

  • Achieve a Match Score of at least 100 in Faction Play to earn a Loot Bag.
  • Achieve a Match Score of at least 100 in Quick Play to earn a Loot Bag.
  • Progress can be tracked in the In-Game Event Window.
  • To claim your Loot Bag(s) you must redeem them through this page!
  • Redeem 150 Loot Bags and earn the Grand Prize
  • Bonus Redeems Count towards the Grand Prize
  • The Grand Prize is Pick a Prize

Maximum Loot Bag achievable per Game Mode

  • 100 Quick Play Loot Bags
  • 50 Faction Play Loot Bags

Bonus Loot Bag Redeems

For full rules & regulations governing this challenge, click here.