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This event is now over.

Starts: Oct 13th 10:40:00 AM (PDT) / Oct 13th 5:40:00 PM (UTC)
Ends: Nov 13th 4:00:00 PM (PST) / Nov 14th 12:00:00 AM (UTC)

Event Details

Greetings MechWarriors,

Welcome to the Trick or Treat 2023 Loot Bag event!

We hope you have a scary fun time collecting and opening your Loot Bags and earning the 2 free 'Mechs!

The 2 Free Mechs are Inspired by the release of MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries DLC 5 The Dragons' Gambit and the announcement of MechWarrior 5 Clans

Earn Bonus redeems when you purchase GSP bundles or select Legendary 'Mech Packs (within the qualifying time)

Also, check out the Spooky Sales and check what your qualify in the the Annual Rewards Program!

Possible Prizes

  • Active Premium Time
  • MC (various values)
  • C-Bills (various values)
  • GSP (various values)
  • C-Bill Consumables
    • Cool Shot
    • Artillery Strike
    • UAV
    • Air Strike
  • Cockpit Items
    • Mounted - Halloween Lights
    • Mounted - Jack-O'-Lantern Warhorn
    • Standing - Zombie Mech
    • Standing - Pumpkin
    • Hanging - Stitched Pumpkin
    • Hanging - Smiling Pumpkin
    • Hanging - Skull Pumpkin
    • Hanging - Scared Pumpkin
    • Hanging - Nuke Pumpkin
    • Standing - Skull
    • Hanging - Chandelier
    • Mounted - Gravestone

Please Note

  • All prizes are randomly selected.
  • Support services will not trade or switch out any prizes.
  • Accounts that engage in non-participation or other violations of the CoC, such as (but not limited to) AFK/non-participation farming or 'gaming' of the Faction Play matchmaking system, will be subject to reward disqualification and moderation actions.
  • Premium Time received during this event activates immediately when you receive the prize in-game.
  • Solo and Group queue matches are eligible, in all game modes.
  • No opt-in required.
  • The Loot Bags will disappear on Nov 27th, 2023 4:00:00 PM (PST) / Nov 28th, 2023 12:00:00 AM (UTC)! Redeem your eligible matches on the event page before that deadline or they will be forfeit!
  • In the event that you do not redeem all of your Loot Bags prior to the above deadline, Support services will not be able to provide any retroactive rewards.

Loot Bag redemptions are now over!


  • Earn 50 loot bags and get 7 Days Premium Time
  • Earn 100 loot bags and get the Color Pulsar Purple
  • Earn 150 Loot Bags and get the Color Blood Orange
  • Earn 200 Loot Bags and get the Grasshopper Kurita Pattern Unlock
  • Earn 225 Loot Bags and get the Ebon Jaguar Smoke Jaguar Pattern Unlock
  • Earn 250 Loot Bags and get the Grasshopper GHR-5H and a 'Mech Bay
  • Earn 300 Loot Bags and get the Ebon Jaguar EBJ-PRIME and a 'Mech Bay

Login to view the prizes you qualify for.

Match Loot Bags

Phase 1

  • Earn 1 Loot Bag for every 100 Match Score you accumulate
  • Start: Oct 13th, 2023 10:40:00 AM (PDT) / Oct 13th, 2023 5:40:00 PM (UTC)
  • End: Nov 13th, 2023 4:00:00 PM (PST) / Nov 14th, 2023 12:00:00 AM (UTC)

Phase 2

  • Earn 1 Loot Bag for every 100 Damage you accumulate
  • Start: Oct 21st, 2023 5:00:00 PM (PDT) / Oct 22nd, 2023 12:00:00 AM (UTC)
  • End: Nov 13th, 2023 4:00:00 PM (PST) / Nov 14th, 2023 12:00:00 AM (UTC)

Bonus Loot Bag Redeems

Unlimited Bonus Redeems

  • Purchase and Redeem a 200 GSP Bundle during the event and earn 25 Bonus Loot Bags
  • 200 GSP Bundles can be purchased multiple times for multiple Bonus Redeems
  • Gifting a 200 GSP Bundle to another player means they would receive the Bonus Redeems

One time only Bonus Redeem

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