BattleMech 9: Raven

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 25, 2012 10:00 AM UTC

McDoomswinger hated this place. His Awesome – The Shatterer - could barely get any firing angles. Everywhere he looked there were more hills. Far at the rear of his company atop the highest hill, he scanned for easy targets ahead; his three PPC’s gave him ample hitting power past 500 metres.

“There it is again what the hell is that?” he whined into the mic.

Something was popping up on his HUD – it looked like an enemy target, but it kept disappearing just as fast. He thought he heard a dull ‘thud’ but had taken no damage, so he scanned the horizon.

“There we are, hahahah take this suckers!” he whooped into the mic, to no reply.

He fired all his weapons, alpha striking at a distant Dragon that managed to evade his shots, but was too busy to return fire. He focussed on the Dragon, standing stock still as his PPC’s recharged.

“Got you now!” he squealed, as WARNING! INCOMING MISSILES! light up over his HUD.

“What? No-one is near me! How the hell?” he whinged as LRM’s descended onto him, over and over. His Awesome stumbled backward as he slowly backpeddled, flight after flight of missiles shredded first his armour, then his ‘Mechs internals. Explosions surrounded him as his ‘Mech buckled under the punishment.

“This is b-!”

In the distance a Raven poked its head out.


“Roger that Commander, target down.” She spoke with a small smile, looking for her next victim.


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