Closed Beta Invites Arriving Now!

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, May 25, 2012 3:06 PM UTC 1632  comments

Closed Beta Invites Arriving Now!

If you have been selected for Closed Beta invites will be arriving via e-mail soon.  If you haven’t already signed up visit to apply.  There have been changes to the Closed Beta application: Please update your beta profile.  Profiles with higher levels of completion will be considered first.

Your Closed Beta Profile now has a status!


Register Account - Reserve your pilot name.

Apply Now – Begin the application process.

Pending – You’re account will be reviewed.  Remember, the more complete, the better chance of getting an invite.

Approved – You’re account has been approved!  Please review the NDA and Terms of Service.

Active – Welcome to the Beta!


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