Ask The Devs 10 - Answers!

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Q: How closely are you sticking to the BattleTech game stats; are you being as close as possible, or are you seriously messing with them? [Kay Wolf]
A: We use the table-top as our base stats, and then test from there. Most things are still pretty close though. [GARTH]

Q: Are there any plans of using weapons at the back of your mech? [Nash]
A: Currently no. There are many problems with this such as: How do you aim it? How do we make it clear what does what? Does it fire forward or back? In the end it's easier to just make those points fire forward, as there are almost no circumstances where a backwards facing hardpoint would be better. [GARTH]

Q: Will the minimap have the option to switch between rotating with your mech to the minimap always pointing north? [Dracol]
A: We do plan to include this - I personally need static maps or I am incredibly confused myself! [GARTH]

Q: Are there any plans to have a part of the website dedicated to listing mech and weapon specifications? Something we can consult to see things that aren't obvious or can't be reasonably assumed based on canon - rate of fire, of weapons, for example? Or will this info only be visible in the MechLab (or not at all)? [WardenWolf]
A: We have something like this planned. I can't talk much about it, but we do have something in mind we think you'll all really enjoy. [GARTH]

Q: WIll we be able to switch between cluster ammo and slugs with LB-X autocannons? [DerMaulwurf]
A: We plan to have this functionality eventually, but currently it is not available. Who doesn't want lots of different Ammo types, right? [GARTH]

Q: Can you elaborate on any additional game types besides the Deathmatch no-respawn? [Coolant]
A: We plan to have a plethora of different modes, though not all are in yet. We'll be adding many over time. [GARTH]

Q: If an UrbanMech falls in the forest, and no one is around, does it still make a sound? [Astaroth]
A: It sounds like thousands of people screaming "noooo!" [GARTH]


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