Founders Gain Immediate Beta Access

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 30, 2012 1:40 PM UTC 204  comments

Hello everyone!

Firstly, we wanted to officially announce that as of late last week all Founders Purchasers gain immediate Closed Beta access. If you already have a Founders Account, you should already have Closed Beta access. If you are just purchasing one now, you should have one shortly after your transaction goes through.

Finally - Last week we had a glitch on our servers that meant that you may have purchased a Founders Package yet were not granted Beta access. We think we have cleared up this error but if you still don’t have Beta access, please let us know so we can fix that for you!

We’d like to thank all Founders members again for your support, and wish you all happy fragging!

The MechWarrior Online Team


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