BattleMech 16: Flea

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“Do any of you have any idea what we’re doing here?” 
“Yeah, walking around like idiots.”
“Seriously who sent us here?”
“Must be another joke from the sergeant.”

The quartet of cadets moved forward, scanning left and right. Atlas D, Catapult K2, Hunchback 4G and Dragon 1N making up their lance.
“Well look, we’re at the end of the patrol, how exciting, I guess we’ll turn around and go ba-“

Suddenly they were surrounded by Mechs hitting them.

“Readings! Fleas! Five, maybe six of them! They’re all over the damn place!”
“How the hell do you hit these things?”
“My AC/5 is out!” shouts the Dragon cadet, the Fleas having ‘knocked out’ the weapon with concentrated virtual laser fire. “Got one lined up go- Dammit, where’d they go?”

And just like that, they were gone. Around hills, behind cliff edges, they just disappeared.

“Hello newbies! Enjoying your stroll?” taunted their sergeant, “What do you do now?”

And then silence.

“F-form a square!” And so they did, forming up, back to back. None of them was in good condition. The Dragon’s AC/5 was out, the Hunchback’s left arm was out, both the Catapult’s PPCs were hurting, and the Atlas had a very damaged right leg. “Cover your sectors; you know they’ll be... back.”

And they were; as the cadets predicted, the Fleas were suddenly all over them.

“I can’t hit him he’s at my feet. I can’t see that far down!” screamed the Atlas cadet as, “Damn – there goes my other arm!” shouted the Hunchback pilot. “My PPC’s are almost gone, got a couple hits with machine guns I think!” commented the Catapult. “Everyone cut... stop the chatter! Where the hell are they?” growled the Atlas pilot, the leader of the lance.

“Gone again.”
“Anyone see where they went?” asks someone, to no reply.

They were back before anyone really understood. The K2’s rear armour was suddenly out. “I’m dead guys, good luck...” his solemn statement. “Headshot; me too” replied the Hunchback pilot. “Damn, cored… good luck man,” came a very exhausted message from the Dragon cadet.

Suddenly the Atlas’ left leg was out.

“Bet you could use a Light or two on your side about now, eh?” sneered the sergeant over the comm. "Oh, and there are three of us, not six." 

“Absolutely, sir,” the cadet replied, as his Mech’s right leg succumbed to lasers, “Absolutely.”


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