'Mech Love, Not War

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Greetings MechWarriors!

We have an awesome sale for you this weekend! We have a whole bunch of things on sale, and we think we may just have something for everyone! Want a Yen-Lo-Wang? Done! Don’t have the Hula Girl yet? Here you go! Tons of XP you need to convert? Bam, you’ve got it! Oh, you want to get more XP to level that last Cicada, and transfer the extra 80,000 from your CDA-2A? How about a free day added to your premium time this weekend? Shapow, bam, done! So let’s take a look at exactly what is happening here!

(Offer Available Feb 15th 10am PST to Feb 19th 10am PST)

Double XP Conversion: 

  • One (1) MC = 50 XP converted to GXP!

30% Off: 

  • The Yen-Lo-Wang!

50% Off: 

  • The Hula Girl cockpit item!


  • One (1) Day of Premium Time, redeemable this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday! (15th to 19th) - just go here and click the link!

So if you want to convert your Jenner's massive extra XP to GXP, now is the perfect time! If your cockpit is feeling a little lonely, we recommend the Hula Girl! Want to fill out that Centurion lineup? Go grab that Yen-Lo-Wang! And because we love all of you, you can now go here to redeem your one free day of premium time this weekend! Get it now, because on February 19th at 10am PST it will be done, over, finished!

See you on the battlefield,
The MechWarrior Online Team


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