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It takes a trusted crew for this type of reconnaissance, especially in such hostile environments. The life of a Special Forces hero is rough, but for the good of the Inner Sphere, conventional military operations simply won't be enough. Our contacts report a population overcome with propaganda, psy-ops, and assassinations which must not continue. As Special Forces Heroes, trust in your leadership and complete the mission at all costs.

Primary mission: Reconnaissance - Should you choose to accept it, grab the Kintaro KTO-GB, Protector ON1-P, Dragon Slayer VTR-DS or Heavy Metal HGN-HM (30% off the regular price) and proceed to drop coordinates. Don't forget that Hero Mechs provide a 30%  boost!

Secondary mission: Obtain 30 days of Premium Time (40% off the regular MC price) and generate 50% more and 50% more XP!


Friday November 15th 10am PST


Tuesday November 19th 10am PST


What's on sale

Hero Mechs

  • KTO-GB
    • 30% off, reg. 4125 , NOW 2887
  • ON1-P
    • 30% off, reg. 5625 , NOW 3937
  • VTR-DS
    • 30% off, reg. 6000 , NOW 4200
  • HGN-HM
    • 30% off, reg. 6750 , NOW 4725
30 days premium time, 40% off, regular 2500 , now 1500