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Boom! Banshee is here! The “La Malinche” Banshee hero leads the charge of this Assault Mech. This Hero ‘Mech is available now for and comes with some serious firepower, and 30% C-bill boost. The Standard Variants of the Banshee chassis will be available for on the 11th and C-bills on the 18th.
The unique “La Malinche” variant is a powerful war machine, and with the Aztec-inspired art of old Terra, she is both as beautiful, as she is deadly.
Equipped with a massive arsenal of weapons, there is guaranteed to be something for every MechWarrior. Along with the capability to equip an Anti-Missile System, “La Malinche” comes stock with a Small Pulse Laser in the head, a PPC in the left arm, an AC/10 and Medium Pulse Laser in the left torso, an LRM15 in the right torso, and finally a Large Pulse Laser in the right arm.
Moving at a top speed of 64.8 kph with the aforementioned weapons loadout is not a problem thanks to its 380XL Engine, and staying cool in the heat of battle is no sweat thanks to 16 upgraded Double Heat Sinks. And how does she handle? Well you're in luck, as I just happen to have received the latest diagnostic results. The tests show that the torso can move 110 degrees to each side with a 20 degree angle pitch, though it appears that the range of the arc results in a 10% reduction in speed. The arms are capable of moving 20 degrees to each side, and 30 degrees up and down. All this, combined with an Endo-Steel Internal Structure, and over 17 tons of Standard Armor, makes “La Malinche” a force to be reckoned with.


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