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Battlemech - Kintaro

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#401 Wildshot


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Posted 10 August 2013 - 04:58 AM

The Kintaro build that I have had the most success with is in the role of a Light Killer. I put the largest xl engine I could and then 5 streak srm launchers and left the 3 med. pulse lasers in the arms. Then run the rest in full armor and a Beagle Active Probe. You usually leg the light in the second or third volley of missiles then chew him up with the pulse lasers.

#402 Tjalf


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 03:56 PM

The Golden Boy with LRMs is quite a good build for that mech. I prefer using one like this with about 30-35 LRMs with ARTEMIS. One option is a 20 tube launcher in the right torso instead of 1 15 in the arm + a TAG, but i think the 2 launchers in 1 arm are better for concentrated missile volleys. It heavily depends on my team to what success i can bring that build, but normally i do like 300-700 damage (getting all that missiles out is pretty hard, most of the time i have like 200 unused). I like it because you are very fast and therefor are able to excellent keep the distance to the enemy while hurling out your volleys. The downside is, if your team sucks, then you can do near nothing.

Another build i use is this one. I think it's a way better build than those SRM26 without ARTEMIS. I do the torso-dance - shooting the arm-launchers at once, turning away, turning in again shortly after and shooting the torso-launchers at once (opend bay doors). It's pretty hard though, because every single failure you or your team does, kills you because of a cored CT. You have to be a little paranoid while moving that thing to not get hit in the CT too early, but it's quite fun though. In Most matches i do like 200-500 damage with that one. Most of the time i die with that build, it's because my heavy&assault team is ******** in its pants hiding behind obstacles because they are too afraid to push forward, leaving the enemy at long distance, crippling us one by one. So after a while i decide to start pushing (because theres nothing you can do at longer distances), hoping my team catches up - but in most cases that doesn't happen (yes, i'm a bit impatient with that build ... terrible mistake with that mech).

Although it can be a real pain in the ***, i love the golden boy because of its style and its name (anime ftw). And if they put a little bit of the center torso's hitbox into the side torso hitboxes, then i would even love it because it's a decent mech.

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Posted 23 August 2013 - 01:48 PM

... I still cry about the top speed of the GoldenBoy

Kintaros are best lights hunter with 116kph and SSRMs plus 2LargeLaser

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