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Rifleman Iic Awareness Thread; After So Many Years It's Finally Here!


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Posted 27 March 2019 - 04:28 PM

So I toyed around in MechDB and made 3 theory craft builds of each variant with the exception of the hero. The only reason that I made only one hero variation build is because I will not be getting the hero on release due to a tight IRL budget. I will most definitely pick it up down the road for MC when it becomes available. I've included an explanation for each build. Keep in mind these builds are subject to change when we get word on in game quirks for each variation. Also, feel free to constructively criticize these builds if you can think you can improve on them and contribute your own here. Scroll down to each variation if TL:DR for you.

Rifleman IIC MWO Builds:


This is most likely going to be my go-to build on the (S) variant. The reason why I am going with an XL 235 for a majority of these builds is because I am aiming for max speed tweak as my main focus on the low engine cap variants, with a secondary focus on firepower, operations and heat dissipation. This might change after I know the quirks for each variant.


This is what I call the "Raiden" build since it's a ER PPC focused build. I downgraded the armor and shaved off slightly some leg armor to throw in a clan active probe, more DHS and a laser AMS. The clan active probe can be swapped for a tcomp 1 or something else if desired.


A Jade Falcon Rifleman IIC 5 tribute (minus the improved jump jets). Unfortunately it cannot use it's full tonnage potential without sacrificing speed, something that the Rifleman IIC will drastically need if you are planning to deploy for quick play matches. However, this is going to boat a ton of DHS so heat should be the least of your worries.


IIC 2:

A tribute to the Glass Spider (Galahad) mech but technically better on paper and in theory. Running nearly max armor, a tcomp 2, active probe, and a whopping 12 tons of Gauss rifle ammo! You can either sacrifice some Gauss ammo tonnage for jump jets or bump it up to max armor. This is your go to mech if you wanted the Glass Spider in Mechwarrior Online.


Most likely the meta cheese build that everyone will most likely go with, especially if the IIC 2 gets ballistic quirks. Ammo right run short on this kind of build, but you do get 87 shots off with the potential to do some crazy damage before running out of ammo completely. You can also bump that number up if you invest in increased ammo quirks on the skill tree.


Basically almost the same thing above but with 4xUAC5's instead of 6xUAC2's. Both of these builds can be revamped to fit more ammo for the sacrifice of engine speed for a lower engine if desired, but I went with an XL260 to match the 64.8 kmph running speed of most heavies. Also, jump jets can be added as well for extra mobility with a lower engine cap


IIC 3:

A good old Roderick (Frost) Steiner based build inspired from Fire At Will. Some double heat sinks and a lower engine cap could be sacrificed for more cUAC2 ammo if desired. It might be a little overkill having 18 DHS but we will have to see what it's quirks will be.


This is more of a traditional AA build that I came up with for the Rifleman IIC. Since the mech was primarily made for Anti Air capabilities (but still can perform out of it's role comfortably), this variation build is more of a solid tribute to what the AA Rifleman is supposed to be all about in battletech.


A brawler with some potential heat problems if not careful. Since I am not a big heavy large laser fan, this is probably the weakest build I came up with from this entire list of theory crafted builds. I'd advise dropping the 235 engine a bit for more DHS since this thing is going to run hot no matter what angle you look at it.


IIC 4:

Your A typical LRM mech build supported by Artemis and backed up by a pair of medium pulse lasers. You can sacrifice a bit of LRM ammo for more heat sinks if need be, but I think that might not be necessary if you chain fired the LRM's since that will be your main work horse on the mech. The medium pulses are there to get those pesky lights off of you if they decide to harass you mid to late game.


More or less your standard run of the mill ATM brawler/long range ER large laser support build. The ammo in the center torso could be moved to the left or right arm if you are paranoid about ammo explosions, although it might be best to wait until we see the final model in game.<


An average streak SRM brawler if you feel like going on a light or medium rampage. Nothing really too exciting here imo, but at least you will have a decent healthy chunk of ammo to play with. Also has some jump jets to help with mobility and hill climbing. You could also sacrifice the tcomp 2 for a laser ams or another DHS.



I think the Rifleman IIC A line will be the other meta variation besides the 2. This is revisiting the whole AA concept but with more of a brawler build in mind. The dual LPL's will melt armor off, and those LBX'5s will also shred armor apart will hitting those juicy internal structures. MPL's serve as a backup in case your arms get blown off.


More of a long range support platform in mind, you will have a decent amount of uac2 ammo to plink at the enemy from a far distance away with while the ER PPC's will be your primary weapon system. Might be a bit of a hot running build, but with a lower engine and perhaps the sacrifice of the light active probe you could potentially squeeze in more double heat sinks. Also could squeeze in some jump jets if desired.


This is more of a joke build that I made for myself, since I initially wanted the lower cap engine mechs to have at least have a 260 engine cap to match the standard running speed of most heavy mechs. Ironically this might be the most cool running large pulse laser build possible depending on what quirks each variant will receive. Technically it would be better to have 2 large pulse lasers in the torso regions vs 2 in each separate arm.



I'll have to theory craft more with what I can potentially make with the hero variation. In the meantime, this will most likely be my go to build when I do eventually get the hero. I'm not really sure if you can group fire those 3 ER large lasers together without a tremendous amount of ghost heat, but if you can then this might end up being one of the best builds that I can theory craft for the hero.


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Posted 05 June 2019 - 10:52 AM

Finally got a 3D printed PGI Rifleman IIC. Say hello to the newest flak bro in the family! I'm debating or not to paint the mech to my in game Rifleman IIC (S) camo scheme:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Flak Bro's:

Posted Image

Compared to Catalyst's Awesome and Battlemaster:

Posted Image

Compared to Catalyst's Timberwolf and Executioner:

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