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Long Range Missile Updates Pts Final Results And Change List

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 08:23 AM

View PostLances107, on 14 March 2019 - 04:14 AM, said:

The Nightmare that could kill MWO has begun. The last two days Ive seen more LRM boats then I care to count. Terrible bracket builds with LRMs are through the roof. So here is a problem with some of what I have read so far. The radar Derp percentage is way lower then the nodes that allow you to retain lock when someone goes behind cover. If I remember correctly each retain lock node is a upwards of 200 percent, while the radar derp one is at 10 percent. Maybe off by 10 percent on the radar derp nodes. Pre skill tree. If a LRM boat locked on to you, you powered down until they lost lock and kept playing the game. Now they can retain lock even if your powered down. Even worse the LRMs of the IS will be able to break through triple ams with the proposed changes to go live. Players better then me did the math. This does not even cover the LRMS going for peoples legs.

I made a commitment I intend to complete, however once that is done, if these changes go live and the q because LRM battles. I am done with MWO, and I can tell you I will not be the only one. This is the worse set of planned buffs I have ever seen. Especially the velocity buffs.The curious thing is rumor has it you are doing this to force lrms into comp. Force feeding your customers is a good way to go out of business.

Right now the games will be filled with LRMs because "deal damage". LRMs are known for dealing large amounts of spread damage, and as dropping targets isn't the goal for the event, people don't care if they spread damage. So it has nothing to do with the upcoming changes, but the currently running event that is creating this effect you are seeing.

As for Adv. Target Decay vs Radar Deprivation, here are the numbers:
-Adv Target Decay: Each node appears to add a set +0.7 seconds onto the lock. This makes the target lock last longer. There are a total of 4 5 ATD nodes through the skill tree (with a total skill investment of 11 SPs). This will add a total of +2.4 seconds to any target lock. (This does not reflect actual missile lock time, but does help keep locks after live of sight has been broken.)
-Radar Depritvation: Each node does 20% faster decay on locks on yourself when line of sight is broken. There are a total of 5 such nodes on the skill tree. It is a 16 point cost to take all Radar Dep skill nodes, which has an end result of 100% radar decay.

AKA; Radar Dep is actually better and more powerful than ATD, but to take all of them does cost more skill nodes (SP) than ATD does. A Radar Dep of 100% (last I knew and from my own experience) means locks are dropped as soon as line of sight is broken. If you have a 100% Radar Dep, it does not matter how much ATD your opponent might have, as it's not going to do them any good.

On other news, AMS still is rather effective, but most players neglect to take it (myself included most times). A single AMS can take down (with perfect positioning) upwards of 20+ missiles (considering the skills as well). On average though, most people will see about 5-8 missiles shot down by a single AMS. (20+ is an unusual high number that can be achieved.)

AMS helps reduce the impact of missiles (of particular note LRMs and ATMs). It is not a perfect shield against them. If the enemy takes missiles en-mass, and all of them are heading to a single target, AMS will help, but it wont stop all of them. AMS is a soft counter to LRMs, so you should never expect it to be a total and complete shield to LRMs, especially when it's massed LRMs.

On note of the changes, I can't overly say how it will impact them. Faster velocity will mean less time for AMS to take their effect. After this change, it's very likely AMS might see a boost to compensate. (I will mention though, AMS got a boost one of the earlier times LRMs got a velocity buff, the velocity boost to LRMs was rolled back, but AMS changes where not. So we've actually been working with a more powerful AMS than we had before hand in comparison to LRMs. Just a little history/side note.)

Don't forget the other lock on missile counters: ECM and Stealth Armor. They should also be mentioned and considered in this discussion.

Edit: Corrected number of ATD nodes from 4 to 5. I missed one on the bottom. This also increases the number of skill points needed to snag all 5 of them, and also increases lock time by 3.5.

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